About Me

Lmao this is literally all really old shit from years ago and I'm too lazy to write up a new bio but I'm keeping it below for reference and 

1) My greatest inspiration? idk
2) Favorite book? The God of Small Things

ily all <3

My greatest inspiration?

JK Rowling of course! Because of her awesome writing and bad-arsery (see how I used some British words in there). Just Youtube her interviews to see how absolutely awesome she is.

I loved, LOVED Les Misérables, and once I finished it, I realized, "This is what I want to do."  I plan on getting all of Hugo's books (but that's going to be costly, so it might have to wait a while; but I did get an over 100 year old book of Ninety-Three for under thirty bucks, soo...!!).

Everyone loves a real person. This means JKR and, in music, Adele (Florence + the Machine is pretty fantastic as well). No tricks, no gimmicks, no politicking - just talent and kindness. And they dominate their industries, proving that genuine people do succeed.

Favorite books?

HARRY POTTER (!!!) and Les Misérables (!!!) (my favorite series and favorite single novel).

 Catcher in the Rye--I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH. How did Salinger get us to relate to Holden so much?!?! And get us into his head? Incredible.

I really loved The Casual Vacancy as well. I mean the prose alone makes it amazing--but getting us so close to about a dozen MAIN characters?! I can't even say...I loved it. I have so much to say about it.... Here is my review of it. I honestly think she has HUGE skill as an adult author. She's incredible.

Between the World and Me
 was haunting and powerful. The New Jim Crow is the essential non-fiction book to read. I'll Give You the Sun is one of my favorite YA novels of all time (it's that good).

Random Stuff
  1. I love to paint (oil paints, usually).
  2. I love music. Maybe I can be a singing writer that paints, except that I don't really sing.
  3. I own many Harry Potter wands (Dumbledore's wand is my favorite).
  4. A few years ago, I started writing the MS which I've now set aside. I wrote in a (badly) coffee-stained journal with a quill.
  5. I like to laugh.
  6. I kind of love JK Rowling. Did I say that?
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  1. How'd you get an about me section, or is it just a blog, and I've been duped? ;)

    1. n the blogger window for your own blog, click pages in the menu to the right and then hit "New Page" and add whatever you feel like. I'm having fun with this too, hehe :)

    2. OHHH! lol Thanks! I need to do that. lol (Just saw this. XD)

  2. So when do we get to read about these underwater people?

  3. I absolutely adore Rowling - the world and characters she created is amazing.She breathed new life into reading with her Harry Potter series (one of my prized possessions). Your underwater world sounds intriguing, are there any excerpts posted here? *I'll being on the new follower lookout* Oh, I do hope my series will be the one to make you cry (and laugh) *lots of tragic intensity, with a heavy dose of magic, Greek mythology and science*