Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Query Kombat Round 4 Match-Ups!

Here we are-- THE ELITE EIGHT! The PB, MG, NA and Adult Champions have all been determined. We're heading for the final countdown. The BEST OF THE BEST!
Below you will find Round 4 match-ups. I'm feeling very sorry for the judges. They are going to be pulling their hair out. 

Round four will be hosted at my blog. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave a comment or tweet me @SC_Author.

The Round starts on Thursday and only lasts two days. There will be 10 judges assigned this round and next but all judges are welcome to vote. Then we will jump quickly to round 5 on Sunday and the Finals on Wednesday.

All entries that were knocked out should have all their requests unlocked. If you've been knocked out and your requests aren't unlocked, please contact the blog host. Those requests will send 50 pages!

Round 4 Match-ups

Eavesdropping Monkey vs Librarians, Curses, and Mysteries
Give a Girl a Redo vs Life Sucks, I'm Stuck in Podunk
Best(iary) Western vs A Girl and Her Serial Killer
Queen of Drones vs Elephants Never Forget

Good Luck Kombatants!

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