Monday, May 11, 2015


Genre: MG Fantasy
Word Count: 44,000


12-year-old Wick is a boy and a fairy godmother. He’s got a wand and a mission: foil a plot to turn his friends into Stepford kids and save their happily ever afters.

If your MC was an Easter Egg, what flavour would they be?:

Vanilla on the outside, but buried deep inside would be strawberry pop rocks.

First 300:


Before we start, I want to make a few things clear.

1. I’m a boy. 

2. I’m only twelve.

3. I never had and never will have wings.

4. Did I mention I’m a boy?

5. I’m not actually a terrible a person.

6. Still a boy.

7. I’m technically a fairy godmother.

What’s that? You thought fairy godmothers were gray-haired old women sporting dainty wings and way too much glitter? Don’t feel bad. So did I. That was, until I met one. But that’s getting ahead of myself. We probably should start back when I didn’t believe in fairies at all. By “back when,” of course, I mean three days ago at soccer practice. 

Chapter 1

Three obstacles stood between me and glory. Okay, maybe glory is a bit much. Three obstacles stood between me and a fourth goal at Friday’s soccer practice. I’d be breaking records. No one else had shot four. The only impediments to my eternal fame: the midfielder, the defender and the goalkeeper. Foes I’d vanquished before and knew I could vanquish again.

The midfielder mirrored my moves as I dribbled towards him. Keeping my eyes glued to his, I tapped the ball once, twice, three times, and kicked it between his legs. The defender lumbered toward me. I knocked the ball away. He changed direction about as well as a steaming locomotive, so I sprinted past him.

All that remained was the goalie. I planted my left foot, pulled back my right, and let the ball fly. It sailed toward the goal. The goalie reached for it, the tips of his fingers grazing the bottom of the ball, but he couldn’t stop it. Nothing stood between me and the fame I so richly deserved. Nothing that is, but physics.

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