Monday, May 11, 2015

SC#1 - YA Contemporary (Christian) WOUNDS HEAL, SCARS REMAIN

Genre: YA Contemporary (Christian)
Word Count: 88,000 words


Seventeen-year-old Allison had plans: graduate and go to college on a track scholarship. After she’s raped, there’s a new plan: survive school, testify, and learn to live with PTSD before it consumes her.

If your MC was an Easter Egg, what flavour would they be?: 

Allie would be a chocolate kinder egg with an unknown surprise inside.

First 300:

Shoving my books and clothes into my gym bag, I check my phone before tossing it in too. My
brother, Tim, is supposed to pick me up in exactly one minute and drive me to Carter’s house to
celebrate the team win. There isn’t time to change out of my Salas High uniform. I wrap my
sweaty towel around my neck and hug my new track spikes even though they smell like feet.

Too bad the college recruiter wasn’t here today. I’ve never seen the score that close, but my last jump sure wiped the haughty smile off Brandy’s face. If she hadn’t faulted on her final attempt, the Red Jerseys would’ve won.

Hefting my bag, I head out the back door. Outside, there’s no sign of Tim yet. A gentle breeze carries a hint of eucalyptus and mint, Carter’s signature scent. I drop my bag by the block wall and look around for my boyfriend. Instead, I see a red jersey. “Brandy?” My heart pounds. I grip
my track spikes tighter. “What are you doing here?”

Brandy has that haughty smile back on her face. Carter’s scent gets stronger. Someone grabs my arm hard. I scream.


It’s today. Today I go back. I’ll walk past the sidewalk where everything changed. My heart races when I think about the smell of wilted flowers and the dark stain that was blood twelve days ago. I sink in my cool bathwater, my breath coming in short gasps. A scream bubbles up from my stomach. I wrestle it, caging the noise in my throat. It feigns a retreat, returning with reinforcements. The battle ends with me out of the tub, bent over the toilet, the scream victorious.

I close my eyes and focus on something small. My name is Allison Stone. My body hurts.

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