Friday, January 9, 2015

Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Wowowowowowow!!!!!!!! Thank you so much P.D. Pabst for nominating me. Go clicky clicky her post to find out more about her.

The award rules are:
  • Display the award on your blog
  • Link back to the person who nominated you
  • State seven things about yourself
  • Nominate bloggers, link to them, and notify them about their nominations (I'm just going to nominate a few bloggers that really inspire me instead of a set number :D)
(It's so great that the number is seven because seven is awesome number in Harry Potter.)
  1. I love writing. I realized it after taking a two-week long break that I really just love writing, especially in winter months for some reason. The white light reflecting off the snow just feels so great to write in! And writing has saved my life. Seriously mean that.
  2. I love traveling. I'll always budget in a vacation no matter what my salary will be now and in the future (but, you know, hopefully it's $$$$ instead of $ - GOOD LUCK TO ME).
  3. I love complaining about Chicago winters even though they are nothing compared to Canadian winters.
  4. Canada is awesome.
  5. I hate censorship - and yet I think writers (writers!) censor themselves more than anyone censors writers. So I try to fight that. Because if writers are too afraid to speak, who will?
  6. Writing is my passion, but art (especially painting) is my ADDICTION. I love both of them in different ways. Art is more of an unbridled, emotion-filled, crazy passion, while writing requires a lot more professionalism. Maybe it's because I haven't tried getting into any art galleries. That's a beast I won't touch until later.
  7. I say 'awesome' way too much and have to edit my blog posts to get rid of the most excessive uses of that awesome word.
  • Wendy Morrell. Love her blogging style, her humor, and her heart. She's the one who inspired me to blog about things I'm passionate about, not just writing-wise. Thank you thank you.
  • Alex J. Cavanaugh. If you've seen the amount of work he puts into building such a big community and how much time he spends visiting so many blogs, you'd know how inspiring he is.
  • Michelle Hauck. Joyful, happy, and incredibly hard-working.
  • Mike Anthony. Along with Michelle, the best contest co-host anyone could ask for.
  • Morgan Shamy. The honesty in her blog posts mixed with her NEVER-ENDING friendliness and kindness make her very, very inspiring.
Thank you thank you all of you!!!

I definitely left some people off of this list, and for that I truly apologize. This is my first post in over two weeks and I'm excited to hop back into writing and Twitter and everything. I LOVE ALL YOU GUYS! THANK YOU!


  1. Thank you, SC! That is awesome. (Yes, I use that word way too much.) Congratulations.

  2. Crikey ... what a lovely surprise to wake up to!

    So very kind of you to think of me, SC! THANK YOU so much :)

    And while I'm here ... how about showing us some of your artwork sometime? I'd love to see them. Just saying ... :)

    Oh, and we love you too! :)

  3. SC, you rock rock ROCK. You are definitely an inspiring blogger. I love your energy and enthusiasm and happiness and support of everyone in the writing community. And gosh, thank you so much for the shout out and the kind words. Means so much!!! (Welcome back from your trip---I hope you had a wonderful time!) :)

  4. I totally agree that writers are the worst perpetrators of censorship. I'm working on that in my own writing.
    Congrats on your award!