Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pitch Slam: THE SAYER - YA Sci-Fi Space Opera

Title: The Sayer
Genre: YA Sci-Fi Space Opera
Word Count: 85,000

Hero: Robin Hood, he steals from the rich and gives to the poor. (featured in Marvel comic Earth-616)

Pitch: Theo wants revenge for the public executions of his parents. After using an asteroid to destroy the Martian President’s car, he starts an intergalactic war and discovers his parents created him from alien DNA.


If I screw up, I kill these people.
Theo breathed. This could go so wrong. He breathed again. Self-doubt crushed under the weight of determination. A dry brittle egg of weakness, shattered. Fueled by murder, injustice, fiery grief. His blood chanted in his veins, whispering his name to him above the clamor of the Martian crowds. His name, fractured in hypnotic beats. 

Say-er. Say-er. Sayer.

The Martian people amassed in a screaming, dancing mob filled the park, copper red buildings cutting into the red sky on every side. A woman brushed against him. Her skin touching his bare arm banished the chill in the air, startling him. She didn’t notice him. He recognized in an instant everything about her: grey hairs tucked behind her ears, small wrinkles of her jowl, tiny signs of aging. Her open-mouthed laugh slapped at his memory. Her expression repeated on every face in the crowd. They were not the same people who’d attended his parent’s executions, people he’d seen from the stage. The horde of martian spectators gathered, same as any celebration day, any reason to binge party. Any reason. Even a public execution. The chance to see his parent’s heads roll. His nightmare, the President’s victory, the people’s entertainment. 

Theo’s hand tightened around his phone. 

A small, basketball-sized asteroid was his remote controlled missile, traveling at a speed of twenty thousand miles an hour with two tiny thrusters. If he didn’t hit the safe zone, he stood on ground zero.

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