Monday, October 13, 2014

Pitch Slam: A GOOD GIRL - NA Romance

Title: A Good Girl
Genre: New Adult Romance
Word Count: 78,000

Hero: Cat Stratford from 10 Things I Hate About You.

Pitch: Charlie's done her last walk of shame. Escaping to college she reinvents herself as good girl Charlotte, but being good is hard. Faced with temptation it's either risk her heart or save her new reputation.


The bass vibrates through me as I lean against the wall and try, without success, to stop the room from spinning. Out the corner of my eye I catch the curl of Lisa Myer's lip as she sneers in my direction, before turning to her friend. "She's the one I was telling you about." Her voice travels over the noise, and I glare back. God, don't they ever get fed up talking about me?

Because of my reputation they think they can say what they like. Bitches. At least after tonight I won't have to deal with them anymore. I'm leaving in the morning and sure, getting trashed at some party the night before isn't the smartest idea but there was no way I was going to stay home, alone... again.

Ignoring them, I throw back another shot and wait as the tequila starts to do its job. I've almost had enough alcohol to convince myself I'm having a good time. Almost but not enough. So when the hot guy that's been watching me all night hands me a beer, I accept it and flash him an overly bright smile. Taking it as the sign of encouragement I intended, he moves closer. Hmm, he is very good looking. Tall, broad shoulders with dark jeans that hand low on his tapered waist.

"Hey." The guy's arm wraps round my waist, and I gulp. I promised myself I wouldn't. Not tonight. But when he looks at me through hooded eyes, I'm gone.