Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm Back to Work!

For a while now, I've been doing basically nothing writing-related. Yeah, nothing. No revising, no submitting, no drafting, no nothing. Granted, life has been rather busy lately but I know I can find time to work on writing - I always do.

So now, I've got to get back to work. I don't like this long break of no writing.

This is different than the break that comes after you write your first draft. That break (even though I fought it so hard) is necessary for a fresh go at the second draft. It's hard to force yourself away from your manuscript during that break. That break is a natural pause in the writing process.

But the break I was on wasn't. It wasn't even that I was sick of writing and needed to breathe. That'd justify my break. But no. I just...didn't work on writing. I got lazy? I don't even know.

But yesterday, I finally thought, "What the heck am I doing?" and started some writing-related stuff. I I was in the shower and thinking, "What am I waiting for? A critique or beta feedback? No, I already got it. More revising? No, I did it. What's there to wait for now?" and I realized that my publication goal would have literally no chance of coming true if I didn't, well, try. So I started again! My break is over and it feels good.

Have you ever gone on one of these unintended breaks? How did you get over it?


  1. I had a long break between my second and third books because I just didn't have any ideas and didn't feel like writing. (And I was lazy - I'll admit it.) The break between the third and the one I'm working on now was even longer because I didn't think I wanted to write another book.
    Glad you're back at it.

  2. You'll probably find it's done you - and the story some good.

    I know breaks have been beneficial to me in the past. Looking back that is :)

  3. Yes, this happens to me. I finished my YA dark contemporary, betaed it, edited it, entered it into contests and workshops and queried it. Drained, I declared: I'M DONE. Then, nothing. A couple of WIPs went nowhere so I took a break. My cat had surgery last week and my head wasn't into writing. But I'm back at it too. I mean, we're writers, IT'S WHAT WE DO.

  4. I try to take breaks, but end up starting something new. I think my husband would be happy if I ACTUALLY took a break, once in a while. haha :)

  5. I too took a long break from writing. I packed, moved and settled my children and self for months.
    I wanted to get back to editing my ms, but my chaotic world was needier than a baby with colic. So I eased back into my writers chair by working on my website, participating in a few twitter/writer activities and watching way to many vlogs. (all on writing)
    Now that I'm back, I have completely changed my story. A secondary character is now my protag. I've added several subplot and have rewritten chapter one three times.
    Sounds daunting, but my story is way better this way and I am writing like the wind.

  6. Hi SC! So glad you are back at writing! I haven't been doing as much blogging lately, and was surprised to see you stop by my blog. Write on--maybe do NaNo? Good luck to you my friend!

  7. Yes. When I got married and moved earlier this year, I went on a writing break. Now I'm back on track and really excited!!!