Monday, September 22, 2014

Do Cupcakes Inspire You?

Just look at that cupcake below.


Yea. I'm having late-night cravings thanks to Wendy Nikel. She asked if eating them makes me feel inspired in respond to a cry on Twitter wondering what I should blog about.

THIS IS A CHALLENGE! I must somehow incorporate writing with cupcakes!

But now I'm just so dang hungry and really want a cupcake with frosting and cakeyness. Argh. I'm hungry. But it's 1 AM. No way I can run out to buy cupcakes, that's just weird. 


This oddly plays so well with those sudden bursts of writing at the worst possible times. Like, "holy crap I need to write, but I have to be up by seven tomorrow and it's two am. BUT I MUST WRITE!"

I must have that cupcake!! Should I wait until I wake up? But I know myself, and I know that if I go to sleep, when I wake up I will no longer have my cupcake craving. My inspiration will fade away and I won't be as cupcake-passionate.

That happens to me in writing as well. It happened a lot in the beginning, but I think I've trained myself to be inspired on my own command - and to write even if I'm not inspired. But there was a time....I think late last year, when I just had to write a scene I was mulling in my head before I went to sleep. I usually think about stuff before I sleep (who doesn't?) and I was thinking about my characters, and what if this? what if that? And I felt so passionately about a scene, so riled up, I had to get out of bed and write it. And I did, and I'm so proud of it because I've never felt like that while drafting anything before. It was an incredibly powerful experience (so powerful it made me get out of bed!) and I don't regret it. After all, given months and months, who'll ever regret not getting enough sleep that one night? Unless, of course, it leads to some crazy things the next day and in that case, you're more than justified to regret not sleeping enough.

Do you have these cupcake inspirations? (That's what I'm going to call them from now on :D Thanks Wendy!!) How do these inspirations come - randomly or with a lot of thought - and how do you handle them if the situation is really bad for you to start writing? (I usually text myself some lines or main ideas.)


  1. Crap, I really DIDN'T want to look at that cupcake- I'm on a diet! ;) I have so many drafts saved in my email, of beginnings, ideas, notes on revisions that'll suddenly strike.

  2. I'm not inspired by anything at one in the morning except my bed.
    I think I'm to the point where I can turn inspiration on and off now.

  3. Oh, those moments are definitely worth the sleep deprivation…

    And LOL… this post made me laugh! Loved the cupcake comparison!

  4. I get insomnia a lot, so sometimes I randomly get inspired in the middle of the night.

    But most of the time, I control my muse.