Friday, July 4, 2014

The Beauty of Fireworks, and International Fun Facts About Them

Happy 4th of July!!!

I'm a proud American (although our country does have its faults and makes me upset sometimes).

What I think is the best part of Fourth of July is watching fireworks. I truly think fireworks are incredible, much like the time in "Friends" when Rachel's telling the story of how her entire family would bicker and fight right up until the fireworks went off and they'd all shut up and listen. That's how my family and friends are (except, thankfully, we don't bicker and fight).

Watching fireworks is so...peaceful. Very rarely do my friends and family talk over them - everyone is just so dang mesmerized.

As we watch fireworks tonight and go to festivals and barbecues, let's remember as we see the fireworks what this country stands for and all the amazing opportunities it has given us - even think of how USA could be better, if you want. Free speech is something we writers live on.

But I just love fireworks. I love painting, too (I oil paint!) and I've always thought it'd be amazing to do a painting of fireworks. But really, it's too hard of a light to capture realistically without succumbing to cheap tricks (which is why I haven't seen a good painting of fireworks to this day). It's the elusive painting I long to do!

Some international fun facts about fireworks, I've picked some of the best and put them below!

1. Invented 2000 years ago in China! (Imagine ancient fireworks, holy crap that'd be freaking awesome.)

2. Fireworks are also a patriotic celebration in England where they're set off on Guy Fawkes Night (a guy (hehehe) who failed to assassinate the King on that day, November 5th).

3. The French use it to celebrate Bastille Day! ("A Tale of Two Cities"!)

4. The biggest annual show is in Edinburgh at the International Festival concert, where a million fireworks are set off in less than an hour.

What do you love most about fireworks? Fourth of July? Any special memories?


  1. A million fireworks - that's a lot.
    I knew they were developed in China. Bet setting off those early ones was a risky job.
    Happy Fourth and enjoy the fireworks tonight!

  2. I love fireworks too! One of the best shows were I live is in the spring, Thunder Over Louisville. It's part of the celebrations for The Kentucky Derby. And I'm very thankful for all that those early patriots sacrificed, so that we could live in such a great country. Happy 4th!

  3. I'm only going off of a Rush song, but was Bastille Day also when they decapitated Marie Antoinette? lol If so, morbidly cool. lol