Friday, May 2, 2014

On the Merits of Journaling

I've been having a very fun last three days (and tonight should be fun as well). And I'm not just talking about 'fun'. I mean fun, as in 'I'll never have this opportunity again' kind of fun. The only thing that'll last afterwards is the memories of these three events - but memories are horrendously inaccurate. Just ask Elizabeth Loftus.

Because of this, I journal, but only on very rare occasions when I want to remember something forever. The last time I journaled (not counting last night) was in October, almost six months ago. I don't want to journal every day because every day is not as memorable as events I want to treasure forever.

Journaling really is a personal journey and experience. It's fun (for me, at least) to write down all the quirks of the day and events so I really remember the small details and hopefully jog my memory in the future. Because in the future, I might remember the general gist of what happened. But the inside jokes, the quotes, the small laughs? No. Those are crucial to me.

You see, I hate forgetting. I'm freaking nostalgic like anything which is kind of a bad thing because nostalgia hurts. So I guess journaling isn't helping much - better to forget and move on - but oh well, I like remembering way too much not to journal. I want to remember, in many years' time, about these events. I want to look back and smile.

So I want to ask you: do you journal? And if so, when and why? If not, why?


  1. I kept a journal when I've traveled so I would remember, but never kept one for regular life.

  2. I used to as a teen. Now I find I only journal when I go through something bad as a way to get out all the built up emotion. And I can't say I like to reread those! =) But a journal of important life events would be a great thing to be able to read over as you get older in life.

  3. I usually only journal when I'm depressed!!! So after I die, all of my great-something grandchildren will think I was the most depressed person on earth ;-)

  4. I journaled my first trip to Europe, and am glad I did. Along those lines, I regret not recording the next one.

  5. I used to try to journal and ended up writing once or twice a year, like you. Since my goal had been to write every day, this was obviously a fail. I don't know if you wish to record your daily events and thoughts more (since it sounds like you don't), but it really helps me to write letters to people and then never send them as my way of journaling. So I write letters to God, my boyfriend, close friends, etc. to explain what happened that day and how I feel (that way I can include the inside jokes and things in a way that isn't flat). Since I've started doing this about three years ago, I've filled up three notebooks and written about once a week.