Thursday, April 17, 2014



Lanphier High School freshman Frank Williams might be the last to disappear but, if he's not careful, he'll be the first to die.

History is Frank's favorite subject. It's equal only to French,because he's très bien at that too. When history teacher Xavier Byrnam brings a red suit of armor to class, Frank can't help but feel drawn to the statue.

Fifteen high school students in his city have gone missing, but Frank still takes his cat for walks, unsupervised. At the site where a girl was last seen, he discovers an invisible, penny-like residue in the air that only he can taste - but he has no reason to worry.

Until his cousin vanishes.

Something's happening at Lanphier, and the police have it all wrong; his cousin would never run away, and Frank suspects the other students didn't either. Now, only he can follow the coppery breadcrumbs to discover the truth behind the disappearances. But what he finds may cost him his life, because Mr. Byrnam's knight is more than just red-tinted armor ... it's blood-tainted terror.


August 28th

Had Frank Williams known today might be the end of the world, damn, would he have partied harder.

"Can you keep fighting?" James asked.

Frank wiped blood as it flowed from a wound on his forehead. "What choice do I have?" He raised his sword, preparing to run back into the fray.

"But we're losing. Look at us. The's dying."

Frank looked to his cousin, both of them dirty, sweaty, wounded, and exhausted.

"I know. And it's all my fault."

Red, purple, and white light filled every corner of the gymnasium. Wind blew with gale force as the floor - his battlefield - quaked violently. He fell to the hardwood, which cracked under his hands and knees. He rolled away to prevent himself from falling into the pit.

The boards broke in several more places, dazzling gold light filtering in. A wingless, snake-like dragon the size of a house, made entirely of golden particles, broke through one of the holes, exhaling black flames. The flame hit several people trying to flee. They fell over, their skin unmarked, dense smoke billowing from their mouths and nostrils.

Frank ran forward to confront the dragon. He raised the sword above his head, but someone in a red hooded robe tackled him. He landed hard on his back, slightly winded. The man waved a knife above his face; when he drove it down to stab him, Frank grabbed his wrist, wrestling with the assailant.

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