Thursday, April 17, 2014


When an evil mastermind threatens to destroy Dunton City, they need a hero. Peter Harper wants to be that hero.

After he saves his sister from a speeding car (with a flat tire), Peter starts to believe he’s special. Lady Bologna, the (fake) fortune-teller, foresees he’s destined for greatness. Even the wise old mentor (mostly old) Sensei Cheng has been waiting for someone like Peter. All signs point toward Peter Harper: The Chosen One (unless they don’t).

Now, a mysterious crime syndicate known as The Invisible Arm wants to take over the city. It’s Peter’s job to stop (or stay away from) them.


Peter Harper’s summer started like any other, until his ten-year-old sister wandered into traffic.

At first, he couldn’t react. His feet stuck to the sidewalk like shriveled weeds—roots twisting deep below the concrete, pulling the soles of his shoes.

When Sally’s baby blue TOMS stepped from the curb onto the sizzling street, he snapped out of his trance. Before he could process how he got there, Peter had Sally in one arm and raised the other like a traffic cop.

“Halt!” The word burst from his mouth as the overwhelming heat took his breath away. He shut his eyes and braced for impact.

A deafening pop shot down Third Street, and a mustard-yellow truck screeched to a stop. The unpleasant aroma of burnt rubber and exhaust hit Peter and Sally, but the truck didn’t follow.

A skin-and-bones boy got out, scratched his peach fuzz and examined the flat tire.

“How do you like that?” He wiped his forehead, still unaware of the two cowering children he almost flattened. “First it’s the muffler, now it’s a tire—rusted old hunk of scrap metal—wish it would just die already.”

Peter turned to Sally. “Are you okay?” She clutched her baseball with the ungloved hand and nodded. Strands of sandy-red hair slipped free from her ponytail and waved in the humid breeze.

Third Street wasn’t busy, but Sally chose the worst moment to chase after her baseball. She tossed the ball up and down everywhere she went. Peter never saw her drop it. Except that one time.