Thursday, April 17, 2014

TWT: I'M IN LOVE WITH A ZOMBIE (...) MG Urban Fantasy w/ zombies

When thirteen year old Bridget’s crush since the first grade---Ronnie---dies, she casts a spell and brings Ronnie back to life. Sort of.

As a zombie.

A covert government agency disguised as a rehabilitation clinic takes Bridget and Ronnie prisoner so Bridget can turn dead soldiers into zombies. The agency wants to test their newfangled Zombie-Activation Chip. And the first zombie they want to test their military weapon on is Ronnie.

Bridget has to stop them before the dead are turned into zombie killing machines, unleashing the zombie apocalypse.

And save her boy zombie in the process.

I'M IN LOVE WITH A ZOMBIE BUT HE DOESN'T KNOW I'M ALIVE is Zombieland meets Warm Bodies but with thirteen year olds.


Hiding in the back of the mausoleum where Ronnie is interred I venture inside. I run my hands along the wall until I get to his crypt.

“Ronald Michaels—beloved son and friend.” I assemble materials for the spell Great Grandmother Bridget listed in her Book of Shadows I wrote on the palm of my hand.

*Do not use if dead more than a day.
**Cannot guarantee a full return of faculties even if person has been dead less than 24 hours.
***If spell is used, the witch must find and feed said Returnee and thereafter be known as the Returnee’s Keeper.

The herb Leustean—I have Basil.
Oil of peppermint—peppermint extract.
Mallard duck’s pin feathers---feathers from the inside of my pillow.
Black candle---mine is green.
White candle---yes. 

I light the candles as instructed. I sound out the words. They’re in Latin or some other language. “Ver ee sah ma ide em. Zo bee zam leev um. Ko leev zo bee um. Leev.” I chant the words three times, toss the ingredients into the flame of the white candle and wait for Ronnie to appear.

Where is he? Why didn’t the spell work? I consult the Book of Shadows and read by the flickering candle. No, I did everything right. So, why doesn’t he wake up?

I bang on the outside of the crypt. “Ronnie? Ronnie, its Bridget Miles. Can you hear me?” I put my ear to the crypt, but I don’t hear anything.


  1. THIS IS AMAZING. I may have started giggling and reading the list of spell ingredients to my office (sorry! They wondered what I found so amusing). Whole thing, please!


  2. Ahem. Please send full to esubmissions at sarahjanefreymann dot com. With query in the body of the email, full manuscript attached. Thank you! :)