Thursday, April 17, 2014

TWT: THE COLD DISTANCE Adult Sci Fi/Space Opera


Mistrustful of authority, full of resentment and prejudice, Dee escapes offworld with a pair of master thieves. She learns the trade and becomes friends with Heughee, the self-aware quantum computer, but keeps some distance from the enigmatic Alu, an alien of the same race as the madman who murdered her parents.

When the galactic police-for-hire close in on them, Dee is forced to question everything she thinks she knows. With only one friend, Dee must prevent a doomsday machine’s completion and save the universe from a new Big Bang.

It’s Bonnie meets Clyde to save the universe from a hard reset in THE COLD DISTANCE, a 108,000 word space opera in the same vein as Firefly.


"I can't breathe, Mama!"

Dee squeezed her mother's hand. Eight years old and short for her age, each breath she took was hot and stale with the sweat of the crowd and it tasted foul. Her father was ahead of them, just out of reach

Panicked and irrational beings filled the narrow hallway of the apartment blocks past any reasonable approximation of capacity. Hundreds of people on each floor pushed and shoved and crushed the smallest and weakest to the sides. Dee and her parents were in the center of the throng but it had been forever since they'd moved.

"ATTENTION, ATTENTION. AN EMERGENCY HAS BEEN REPORTED ON THIS FLOOR. PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION TO THE NEAREST STAIRWELL AND EXIT THE BUILDING." The warning repeated twice in each of the seven Standard languages. That didn't make the frenzied crowd trying to get out of the apartment block any more cautious or careful. In school they had regular fire drills that were quiet and orderly. Such a thing as quiet and orderly does not exist when people's lives are in danger. Dee made a note to share this with her teacher on Dipri.

Her mother picked her up. "Is that any better?"

The awful noise in the tiny space made it so that Dee had to shout. "Yes, Mama!"

Dee wrapped her arms around her mother's neck ("Not too tight, punkin'") and saw her father pull them through the madhouse and into the stairwell, shouldering aside people she'd seen in the halls.


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