Thursday, April 17, 2014

TWT: CAPTAIN Adult Historical Fantasy

James is tired of having life dictated to him. At twenty years old, he wants to be his own man. He wants to see the world and all it has to offer. Stowing away on his uncle’s ship, however, he leaves London behind only to find himself on an uncharted island in the midst of a pirate crew.

After escaping inland, he discovers a race of faeries and befriends their queen. Soon, friendship turns to forbidden love, with the penalty of death if they are discovered. James wants her to run away with him, but she is beholden to her people. If he stays with her, however, his chances of seeing the world are over. And perhaps his very life, as well. He has no idea he’s even being hunted.

Exposing the human journey behind the well-known story of Peter Pan, CAPTAIN takes us on an adventure through a brand-new world to learn the real facts behind the rise of Captain James Hook and to decide for ourselves who really is the villain of the tale. Think Gregory Maguire with less talking Animals.


James Lamport was going to sea.

As he strode toward the London Docks, he couldn’t help but smile. He was going to see it. The world. All of it.

All he had to do was ask his Uncle Argo. The sailor’s ship had just come in, and James would make certain he was on it the next time it went out.

He drew more than a few second glances as he walked onto the docks, his pressed waistcoat a stark contrast to the working men’s attire around him, but he paid them no mind. The bustling stevedores, the barrels of pickled herring from the North Sea, the merchants selling tobacco and pearls and shrunken heads – this was what excited him. He inhaled the tangy scent of filth and fish and his heart quickened.

“Oi lad – catch!”

James was struck in the face with a burlap sack that smelled like something dragged up from the bottom of the river.

The booming voice spoke again: “Come to carry me laundry?”

He looked up and saw his portly uncle standing a few feet off with his pipe in his mouth, a second pack thrown over his shoulder.

“Uncle Argo!” They both dropped their bags and embraced one another. James felt his uncle’s pipe nick his ear, and his thick beard chaff against his cheek. His uncle smelled of brine and seaweed covered up by exotic perfumes from the Tropics. “It’s so good to see you!”

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