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In the country of Haviland, Liko’s people are called thieves for stealing the protection barriers and raising them around their own cities. The barriers protected them from the ruler’s mind controlling spell, and that makes the thieves an uncontrollable liability.

Liko has trained her whole life to fight against hunters, the elite force behind Haviland’s rulers. But her leader, Sariya, decides Liko is better suited for cartography and scholarly tasks. Hoping to prove her worth, Liko leaves the city and captures a hunter named Kochie. Sariya magically binds Kochie to Liko, forcing him to protect her with his life – if Liko dies, he dies.

Together, Liko and Kochie must retrieve a spell book translation to break the ruler’s control and prevent a bloody war between the hunters and thieves. But with other hunters tracking them down and Liko’s suspicions that Kochie will do anything to recover his freedom—including breaking the bind by force—they might just end up dead before the war begins.

THE BOUND AND THE CURSED is a told in both Liko and Kochie’s POVs, able to stand on its own, with series potential. I believe it will appeal to fans of strong heroines and romantic relationships such as Sarah Beth Durst’s VESSEL and Cassandra Rose Clarke’s THE ASSASSIN’S CURSE Duology.


Liko took a deep breath and smoothed her way over the ceiling beam.The wood was slippery enough to slide right off and fall two stories to the unforgiving marble floor below. Her nails dug into the wood and she had to force them into fists to stop them from fidgeting as she peeked over the side of the rafter. If she was going to steal a mission, she wouldn’t let a simple deadly drop stop her.

Three figures stood below Liko; Imperio Sariya, and the two boys she was briefing.

Sariya stood in front of her desk. Liko could only see the back of her black short hair and her silk robes curling around her. Nayeeshi stood stone straight in front of Sariya; the only thing that ruined his
perfectly ironed appearance was the mop of black hair he refused to let anyone touch. Tarin stood next to him, a striking contrast to Nayeeshi. He made looking like he rolled out of bed an attractive form of art. His orangey hair was mussed up, and his uniform jacket was unzipped, his low hanging shirt showing off his collarbones. He was way too handsome for his own good.

Papers and inkpots were strewn over the surface of the oak desk that consumed the center of the room. To the right of a half melted wax candle and stamp, an oversized porcelain cup filled with steaming kahvē sat. Its rich smell encompassed the room; a nutty, chocolaty aroma, with a hint of hazelnut. The Imperio lived off that stuff.

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