Friday, April 25, 2014

The Writer's Tank Wrap Up!

The contest is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In total, we got over two dozen requests from five agents - that's an amazing ratio. I think the total number of requests was 27 or something like that.


And for all you who didn't get requests, don't worry about it. I'm not worried - I believe in your writing and others will too. And read this. It's mandatory. It's about critiques but I think it applies to rejections from contests as well.

AND THIS WAS JUST ONE CONTEST!! With only five agents!!! Just think: you'd be crazy to only query five agents, so it's not a big deal that you didn't get requests from these five. Genre and subjectivity is huge.

To the agents: THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for taking the time to participate! I truly hope you find something you love :)

To the entrants: if you get ANY success story from the contest (directly or indirectly) email me or Tweet me!!! I love success stories :)

Now, off to plan for the Query Kombat contest!!! Phew. So much to do, so little time!

Hope you all had fun!


Tell me your thoughts about the contest. Anything to improve for a possible next time?


  1. That is an awesome ratio! Thanks again, SC, and to all the agents who participated. I really enjoyed it!

  2. Thanks! My only suggestion is to do it again!

  3. Thanks SC for organizing & to all the agents who gave their time to look at our writing. I read your criticism post and OUCH. But I agree, harsh critiques are better than no critiques. I definitely thank the critiques I've gotten in the past because if there's any problem with the story, better to know upfront so I can retool than to send it to a bunch of agents and get...well, you know...the dreaded R word. That's the real OUCH! :)

  4. Thanks SC for your support to writers. It really means a lot. And also thanks for being so kind to "cushion" the sting of rejection. :) It's all a part of the process. I really enjoyed participating and I hope you continue your mission. All the best to you.