Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Writer's Tank - CANCELLED. Also, I Might Have Sent You a Computer Virus

I am very, very sorry to inform you guys that the Writer's Tank contest has been canceled. This is no joke.

Here's why:

I sent email invites out to agents regarding this contest. It was an invitation detailing the contest and what role the agent would play in it. A standard invite - except I used the work 'invite' in the subject line and, apparently, got shot down to the spam folder.

No problem. Apparently some agents still check the spam folder and they got back to me.

Then, lo and behold: a virus.

Something's up with my computer. I don't know what, but it's making me very, very mad - because whatever emails I sent out were laced with the same virus my computer had. Now, all the emails I sent to the agents had this virus in it. Hiding. And only when one agent contacted me - after having to wipe out her hard drive and lose tons of submissions, contracts, and manuscripts - did I find out about this. And, obviously, this agent was not very happy.

But what I want to warn you guys is this: if I ever sent you an email or you got an email from me (or us) in any of the contests I hosted or co-hosted, SAVE EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY. Apparently the virus has been on my computer for two years and just attacking random people's emails and computers. YOU ARE IN DANGER. SAVE YOUR WORK IMMEDIATELY.


It's not a computer virus, per say. It's a real virus. Like a flu. I have no idea how or why but almost all the agents I contacted have some weird rare virus in their bodies making them sick. I don't know how this could even be possible but the technology nowadays for cyber attacks is crazy.


APRRRILL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope I scared at least some of you!!!! I love April Fool's. It's my favorite holiday (the only time I can prank people with some sort of justification).

I better have scared some of you. (And, regardless, do save your work and books! Your computer might crash any second due to a virus - you don't want to lose your writing.)

The Writer's Tank is going full steam ahead and it's great! No virus, computer or otherwise :)



  1. You'll be pleased to know that I saved all my open work as soon as I got to that line. But then you said it was like the flu... That was good. Well done (and I'm still aiming for the shark tank, but you know, time, polishing, etc.)

  2. yeah, you got me -pretty sure you sent me an email from one of the previous contests! I was about 3 seconds from yelling for hubby, my in-house geek. Good one!
    Marlene at On Writing and Riding

  3. You scared me. I'm tempted to track you down to beat you.

  4. *stops panicking* :P

    Good job on the prank, though! I totally fell for it!

  5. LOL!!!!!!! I was totally buying it til that last bit about the agents bodies really being sick. Then I was thinking WTH??? lol

    That was awesome. Best April Fools trick EVER!!

  6. You totally suck! After I got over my heart attack, I can't believe I fell for it. Awesome April Fools prank!