Friday, April 11, 2014

Opening of the SECOND Submissions Window for The Writer's Tank!

The second big day is here!!!

The second of the two submission windows for The Writer's Tank will open today at 8 pm EST. Make sure you format your emails and submissions properly by clicking on this link and reading the guidelines.

Under no circumstances can you send any other email other than the one for your submission! If you have a question, put it in the same email before your pitch and query and first 250 words, or ask me on Twitter. If you find out you made a mistake (such as a typo) and want to switch out your submission, you can only do it after midnight on Friday. This way, it's really easy for me to see if we've reached 75 entries - all I have to do is check to see if there are 75 unread messages in my inbox!

Make sure to write: "TWT: Age group Genre, TITLE OF MANUSCRIPT" as your email's subject!

You will get a confirmation email saying I received your submission. Within a few hours, those that didn't make the 75 cut will get an email saying so - that way, they have a chance to submit to tomorrow's window. If you don't get the "You're not in the 75" email, assume you're in :)

In order to be eligible, the time stamp on the email has to be on or after 3:00 pm EST. 2:59 won't be allowed (sorry!). The agents participating in the contest are listed here.


A change in rules: you can go up to 40 words, instead of 35, for your pitch.

(By the way, I might read The Casual Vacancy for the third time. I love that book. I don't know anyone else who does, though D: It's so sad because that book is INCREDIBLE - but not like Harry Potter, which I think is largely why (consciously or unconsciously) people hated it.)

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  1. Yahoo has been quietly ignoring any automatic response about receiving my submission. I did try - twice - but it may have gotten lost in hyperspace. Anyway, great line-up of agents. I'll get in on the next one.