Monday, January 13, 2014

The Golden Globes 2014: Emma Watson, Surprises, and More

Last night were the Golden Globes!!!!

Some highlights:

Emma Watson looked amazing as usual (and she wore pants which apparently is a big shock in the fashion world!).

I don't own this picture.
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were hilarious as hosts:

I also don't own this picture, but it looks like Amy is being framed.
Jennifer Lawrence won Best Supporting Actress!! (Although I do wish Oprah Winfrey had at least been nominated for her work in "The Butler" because she was fantastic and I never knew she could act so well!) Man, I wish "The Butler" would have been nominated for something at least. It was a really, really good movie. Alfonso Cuarรณn won Best Director for "Gravity" (another one of my favorite movies!). Surprise: "Gravity" didn't win Best Picture, nor did Sandra Bullock win Best Actress for her role in the movie (for which she has immense Oscar hype). But "Frozen" did win Best Animated Film (although it didn't win Best Original Song for the AWESOME "Let it Go").

All in all, I think I have to go watch "12 Years a Slave" because it won the big award of the night, Best Picture for Drama.

OH! And Leonardo DiCaprio WON!!! Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy (yes, comedy!) for "The Wolf of Wall Street." Good for Leo :)

A great article over here to read, basically summing up the awards.

Here's the full list of last night's winners!

For some reason, every year, I'm getting more and more excited about movie awards season. I want to see how my favorite movies of the year fare! Is it because, as I get older, I actually watch the films before they're nominated, or that 'normal' films are the ones getting nominated? Because a few years ago, I barely even heard of half the films getting nominated. Now, many are ones I already watched....

OR I think I'm watching them now just because they're getting nominated or getting nomination hype. I actually think that's it.

Wow. That's weird.

ONTO THE OSCARS!!! Thursday is when nominations will be released (I'll post a link to the full nominations on Friday on this blog) so get ready!

How did you like the Golden Globes? Excited to see Ellen DeGeneres host the Oscars?


  1. The awards were really spread out - no one picture dominated. Gravity missed a few that surprised me, but I was happy to see American Hustle win so many.

  2. Blast! I missed it! Glad to get this recap here! Thanks, SC!

  3. I think Emma forgot part of her dress. Also, I totally agree about "Let It Go."

  4. Emma's dress was too bright, but I like that surprise when she turns around. Modern classy!