Friday, January 17, 2014

Oscar Nominations 2014: Snubs, Surprises, and More

The Oscars were announced yesterday (it's the first thing I checked when I got Internet).

Here's the complete list of the nominees.

And here's a good article summing up the snubs and surprises.

I don't own this picture.
The snubs that shocked me the most was that "The Butler" got NO MAJOR NOMINATIONS and Oprah Winfrey was snubbed as well. She was incredible in that movie, and I never knew she could act so well. She deserved a nomination, if not a win, for Best Supporting Actress.

Neither do I own this picture, but how INCREDIBLE does Oprah
look in this? It's a side of her I've never seen: her acting side.
And, are you kidding, Emma Thompson didn't get nominated for "Saving Mr. Banks"? She was awesome in it (and that's an incredible movie, you guys have to watch it).

(No, I don't own this picture.) Emma played a sort-of
emotionally-scarred/insecure Professor McGonagall BEAUTIFULLY.
She was just amazing. Seriously. Sigh.
I'm also sad that Florence + the Machine's "Over the Love" on the Great Gatsby soundtrack, quite possibly one of the greatest songs I've ever heard (on a technical level), didn't get nominated. This song is incredible. Listen to it here. And after her previous snub of "Breath of Life" on the Snow White and the Huntsman soundtrack (an amazing song as well) I just don't know what's up with the Academy. Maybe Florence doesn't promote herself as much as others (but that's what makes her the amazing Florence :) )? I don't know.

These snubs have gotten me a little less excited for the Oscars, but I'm still very very excited. I'm happy that "Gravity" got nominated so much, and ELLEN DEGENERES IS HOSTING THE CEREMONY! (ANNND Leonardo DiCaprio got nominated for Best Actor! He might win an Oscar this time!!!!!!)  I have a lot of movies to watch until then, though, so congrats to the nominees, and March 2nd, here we come.

(Right now, I'm mostly waiting for Alex Cavanaugh's expert opinion on the nominations.)

What do you guys think of the nominations?


  1. Here I am!
    Saving Mr. Banks only got one nomination, which really surprised me.
    I'm happy with the two that got the most, American Hustle and Gravity. Both are fine films.
    The Bad Grandpa nomination - well, I'm just speechless.

  2. My hubby and I don't go to the theaters a lot so we rarely see the new movies before they're nominated. I've heard so many wonderful things about Saving Mr Banks though I'm surprised it's not nominated. And Ellen! Love Ellen :)

  3. Oh man I'm so in love with Florence and the Machine. The Gravity soundtrack is equally awesome so I'm glad that was nominated. And glad to see it nominated so much too.
    I can't wait to see Saving mr Banks--heard so many great things about it.
    I always love Oscar night. Do you ever follow along on Twitter? #oscar So much fun!

  4. I remember the days BC (before children) when we could actually SEE the movies in theaters.