Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cover Reveal - RC Lewis' Stitching Snow!!!

I've been waiting to see this cover for weeks (even months!) and honestly it is INCREDIBLE. It's a stunning cover:


It is amazing. I don't think I've seen a cover of this style before but honestly it is so, so good. So clean, so vibrant, and so STRONG! (By the way, the reason for the apple is that this book is a Snow White retelling.)
NOW GO TO THIS LINK AND SIGN UP FOR THE GIVEAWAY! 2 ARCS AND A BUNCH OF OTHER AWESOME STUFF. This link was where the original book cover reveal happened! Also, on that link is a bunch of other info about RC Lewis and a brief message from her. So go read it.

Add Stitching Snow on Goodreads as well and congratulate RC Lewis on Twitter!

I've known RC Lewis for over two years now. She was the first to critique my (horrible first version) query on Agent Query Connect. She's helped so many writers like me; I've got to return the favor! She's awesome, and I really want to read this book now.


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