Monday, December 2, 2013

NaNoWriMo has ENDED and December is Here!!!


December. It is already December. I honestly (and I do mean honestly) don't remember a year of my life going by as fast as this one did. Maybe it's because last year was the year where I grew the most as a writer: met awesome critique partners, started this blog, became part of this awesome writerly community. I thought, last year, that 2013 was the year I'd get an agent and be published.

But I like this year a ton as well, and if the publishing journey has taught me anything, it has taught me patience and the foolish optimism of deadlines :)

In other news, National November Writing Month is over! The goal for most was a full novel of 50k words, or at least 50k written. My goal was to finish my WIP that I've been taking way too long on. I technically finished (I (for one thing) copy and pasted some scenes I'd written before and slapped them onto the ending, and didn't write bridges between the scenes; I also (for another thing) did sentence summaries for a few major scenes so I wouldn't have to write them out until later). So technically I've finished, but not really. I only really wanted to finish because I Tweeted that this NaNo, for me, was dedicated to my friend Joey Francisco. I hope what I did was enough for her.

So, overall, this year was a good one for me. I enjoyed it, and in the end, that's all that matters, isn't it? :) A solid, awesome year...and (as Wendy Nikel so awesomely reminded me on Twitter) we still have almost a month left of it!!!!!!! SO LET'S GET THOSE LAST-MINUTE RESOLUTIONS COMPLETED! (My goal is to completely finish my first draft before the 19th. Oh. And work out more and stop being so lazy--but what can I say, sleep sounds so much better than weights.)

OOh, OOOH! Thanksgiving!!! It just passed. I had an awesome one. An amazing time with my family, and I'm sort of sad it's back to routine now. But I like coming back to blogging and everything :)

How did your NaNo go? Thanksgiving?

Also, how was 2013 for you? Any resolutions you missed (I know I did), and any ones you still have a chance to get done?

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  1. Congratulations!
    It was a good year. Not a great year, but a good one.
    Working on the outline for my next book now.