Friday, November 1, 2013

Tools You Need to Tackle National November Writing Month!

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit! 

Ah, November! Soon to fall back an hour for Daylight Savings here in the USA (GET AN EXTRA HOUR OF SLEEP, YES YES YES!).

First off, the businessy stuff:

For Nightmare on Query Street, we had awesome agent Roseanne Wells come for more requests after the contest had 'officially' been over. She made nine requests in total!!!!! That brings our total requests from 75 to 84 (!!!!!!) requests!!! The stats have changed, so click this link to see the updated stats :) (Michelle's Minions still won though, grr.)

To all those that requested critiques on their entries: I plan to get them all done over the weekend! They're taking longer than I thought. I thought I'd do a quick 2 min critique for each, but they're turning out to be 10 minutes or more on each one and a long paragraph in length. Since there are 20ish to do, that's a lot of time, so I hope (hope) to finish them by Monday :) Wish me luck!!

It's National November Writing Month!!!

This is what I needed to boost my writing! I have no excuse now; I think I've gone 2 months without writing a month and I really need to start again. A busy life is no longer an excuse.

I've said before that I don't even try to write a full novel during November. I find that slightly absurd and crazy (because I'm not a fan of the lengthy, mind-numbing editing afterwards). But if you enjoy that, go for it!! There are still some writers out there who don't do NaNoWriMo because they can't imagine writing a full novel (and only 50k words, which is short for most YA and Adult genres). I'm going to try and convince them to do NaNo regardless.

I don't take NaNoWriMo as write a full novel in a month. Not in the slightest.

I use NaNo as a way to get 50k words in. Just 50k words. Period. At the end of the month, I don't even try to get a resolution or close off the story if it doesn't happen naturally. In fact, last year (I won NaNo!) I didn't even write a new manuscript! I simply wrote 50k more in my work in progress.

I take November as a normal writing month, except sped up. Let's keep it simple, people :) Let's just get 50k words.

Here are the tools you need to tackle NaNoWriMo (based on my own experience (and my corresponding blog posts) with it last year).

NaNoWriMo -- DON'T Write a Book in a Month.

Writing Crap

5 Ways to Catch Up With Your NaNo Word Count

The Secret to Winning NaNoWriMo

I hope those links help! They are nowhere near professional advice, but I hope you still have something to take from them.

This month, I'm not going for 50k words because it was such a challenge last year, and my work in progress has at most 10k-20k left until the first draft is finished. My goal for the month is just to finish the book, and maybe, if I'm lucky, start editing it :) (Add me if you're doing NaNo! I'm SC_Author.)

GOOD LUCK GUYS!!!! This month is fantastic for writers :) (


  1. That's really nice about the critiques, SC. Much appreciated!

  2. Good luck! I've used it just to get a good start on my novel, which I don't finish until three four weeks after NaNo ends. But it gives me the push I need.