Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day! An Inspiring Story

This, and Earth Day, are the two holidays that I'm most supportive of.

Thank you, veterans, for fighting for your country. Words cannot describe how much respect we all have for you. Thank you for risking (and many, giving) your lives for the safety of your people (I don't just mean the US, I mean everywhere).

They deserve all the happiness and safety America can provide for them. This is a holiday well-deserved.

So while there might be awesome sales going on, think about the reason we celebrate this holiday. Thank the veterans living in your neighborhood, and just think about what they've been through for a few minutes.

And, something to inspire you guys, check out this article about a UK veteran who passed away with nobody to attend his funeral, the power of social media, and the goodness of the British public. It's the best article I've read in a long while :)

Happy Veterans Day everyone!


  1. Not remotely surprised. You are a very good person.

    Heartbreaking to think ,Harold Jellicoe Percival, was laid to rest with no one attending his funeral. This should never happen. Ever.

  2. Beautiful tribute, SC. Thanks for bringing the spirit of this day here today. <3