Friday, October 25, 2013


Genre: Upper MG Contemporary
Word Count: 35,000

My Main Character's Greatest Fear:

As the most powerful person in her school, most people would think Nova's got nothing to be afraid of. But they couldn't be any more wrong. Nova was bullied all throughout elementary school and she's scared as heck that the bullying might start again. Being Queen of Kason Middle School is the only comfort she has that no one can hurt her. Because, well, who can dare to touch THE Nova Labelle? Yeah, that's what Nova thought too except this weird new girl might just change everything Nova's come to trust in.


Thirteen-year-old Nova Labelle knows eighth grade is going to be perfect. She will get straight A’s. She will start dating her prince charming. And she will continue to be school royalty. There’s just one humongous problem: that new girl, Stacy Winter.

Nova has always been the most popular girl in school. She’s got the looks, the brains, and the popular girl personality down to perfection. She’s even remained at the top of the List, a piece of paper that keeps track of the top seven popular girls in school. Nova consults the List every day to make sure her rank stays where it belongs. But Stacy seems to have a knack for mercilessly destroying every single one of Nova’s eighth grade plans.

Stacy is threatening to steal all that Nova has, from her top spot on the sacred List to her future husband. Stacy claims she has no reason to become the next Queen of Kason Middle School, but Nova knows better. Everyone wants to be number one; everyone wants to be her. So Nova’s got to guard everything she’s ever come to care about.

But the thing is, Nova’s life wrecker might not be Stacy after all, but something that lies in her own reflection.

WHO’S THE MOST POPULAR OF THEM ALL?, complete at 35,000 words, is an upper MG contemporary novel. It’s Mean Girls meets Snow White from the POV of the Evil Queen.

First 250 words:

My life is perfect. You might be thinking how stupid and na├»ve that sounds, but I’m not kidding. I don’t joke about stuff as serious as life, boys, and the List. Those are sacred subjects and no one, not even me, fools around with them.

I guess middle school really likes me ‘cause, although elementary school was the most horrible experience ever, these past two years have been amazing. Each year, I became more popular and gained more power over all the students. Last year was the best year ever. I became the youngest person in the history of my school to ever top the List and become Queen of Kason Middle School. And you can quote me later: This year is going to be the most perfect one yet.


“There she is!” announces Bella as she wraps her arm around my neck. “The most popular girl in school, the Queen of Kason. Drum roll please!” Bella and some of the students around her slap their thighs in unison. I try my best not to make it so obvious that I’m already loving my day, but then again… everyone knows that already.

“Oh, come on, guys,” I say, laughing over the noise of leg drums.

“The wonderful, beautiful Nova Labelle!” Bella says with a dramatic gesture.

I run my fingers through my light brown hair and hit Bells on the shoulder. “You idiot.”

The boys catcall from their lockers and I throw my hair behind my back and wink at them.

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