Monday, October 21, 2013

Nightmare on Query Street - What's Next?

So the submission window for Nightmare on Query Street has ended and now we hosts have the tough (very, VERY tough) task to pick 10 entries for our teams.

My team is SC's Spooks! (I do not own this picture; all rights go to owners.)
A quick note:

You entrants will be pleased to not that of the entries I've read, not ONE of them was a "Oh my gosh, this is horrible!" Every one of them (and I'm not making this up), I can see garnering at least some agent attention, which is incredible if you think about that. 

You all have the talent. It's time you acknowledged it and realized how fantastic you writers really are :) I'm seriously amazed at all the quality here!

Even if you don't get in, know that it's not because yours was bad, it was because we hosts (ever-so-subjective humans) thought a) another entry was better (which, PLEASE understand, does not mean yours was bad!); or b) your entry wouldn't fit the profile of the agents that are in the contest.

I do truly mean it when I say that every entry I've read was very good. You all should be proud.

Our picks will go up on our respective blogs on October 25th! That will also start the time when agents can come in to make requests. So, until then, good luck to you all, and I will soon go back to reading more of the entries!

P.S. I'm Tweeting some of my thoughts as I read the entries under the hashtag #NightmareQuerySlush. I am SC_Author on Twitter.

P.P.S. I'm also Tweeting some hints as to which entries have made it on my team. Just saying.


  1. That's great you had so many good entries!

  2. At least we know you won't be fighting over the best of the worst! ;) Kudos to everyone who entered and thanks again for hosting such a spooktabulous contest!

  3. I think you have a good point about the quality of work. Thanks for putting together and dealing with all the craziness of a contest!

    Even if I don't make it in, I'll definitely be watching the Monsters-Minions-Spooks Three way cage match!