Friday, October 11, 2013

My Twitter Account is Suspended



It's been...three days, I think? Maybe longer. It sucks. It SUCKS.

I sent in an appeal to Twitter and everything (like they told me to do), but they still haven't gotten back to me.

I found out why. Apparently some person (or maybe it was a computer?) hacked my Twitter account and sent direct messages to less than a dozen or so of my followers, sending them a (probably) virus-infected link.

So now I'm screwed over. Thank you very much.

First off, I'm upset at Twitter for not reactivating my account by now. I thought it'd take a day, max, for them to read my two-sentence explanation (someone hacked me, wasn't my fault, I need my account because I'm about to run a contest, please reactivate me and I'll change my password) and reactivate me. I mean, I don't tweet anything 'risky', I honestly can't think of anything that might make my Twitter account suspicious for the Twitter employees to inspect. I AM NOT A HACKER OR SPAMMER. I just Tweet!

But I get it. Twitter needs to crack down on the actual spammers, so those not-at-fault get the short end of the stick sometimes. That's fine.

What I don't understand is why people spam. To spread viruses? Why? Most people are smart enough not to click on such a link (and even more so, they can only send around six-ten DMs before Twitter automatically shuts them down). But what's the fun in hacking? It ruins experiences for people. Why mess up the Twitter fun for those actually enjoying it?

Ranty rant rant.

What's done is done, now I just have to wait. I'm mostly worried about what my Twitter followers will think: whether they'll unfollow me in loads, whether I've been getting questions that I haven't been answering and they think I'm ignoring them. I have no way to directly contact all of them.

And what's worse is that Our Big Special Contest (Nightmare on Query Street) is NEXT WEEK. So I need to get on Twitter before that to spread the word, to answer questions, etc!!! I NEED THE TWITTERZ.

Maybe I should just do a huge string of numbers for my password next time.


Until I get reactived, if you follow me on Twitter (I'm @SC_Author), please know I haven't just disappeared. (And, good gosh, if what I'm seeing is true and both my following and my followers have gone to 0... if that doesn't go back to normal if (and when) my account is reactivated... I will FREAK out. It was more than a year's worth of Tweeting.)


Okay. It feels good getting the word out there.

Thank you guys for listening, hope my account gets reactivated, and GET EXCITED FOR THE CONTEST!


  1. Sorry they haven't reactivated your account! What a bummer.

  2. Someone should have let you know you were phished. I usually do if I get a DM from someone like that. That way, you could've changed your password before anyone else got one.

    No one's going to unfollow you for this. lol It happens all the time. That's probably also why it's taking them so long to get back to you.

  3. funny, I've been hacked three times on twitter, and not once did it lead to suspension.

    Also, followers don't usually unfollow due to silence, but rather due to spamming the feed, so you're probably good there.

    I hope they reactivate your account soon.

  4. :( It's lonely out there, co-host. Gotta get you back.

  5. Oh no, that's awful! I hope it will get back to normal soon!

  6. Bloody hell! Perhaps if you just open another twitter account, contact those that used to follow the old account and start again. A pain in the butt I know, but don't know what else to suggest.

    I will tweet your contest if you want me to? And if there's anything else I can do, please don't hesitate to ask. I'll swing back here later to see if you've replied :)

    How infuriating!

    1. Thank you so much!!! You're always so helpful :) Right now I'm waiting until my account gets reactivated, and if it doesn't for a long time, I will have to do as you said and start afresh :( Right now it's all a waiting game (like most of publishing!) XD

    2. No problem :) Will mosey on over to twitter from time to time to see if @SC_Author has been reactivated. In the meantime I shall tweet your contest.

      Hopefully you'll be back in business asap!

    3. You seriously are incredibly fantastic! Thank you so much!!!

  7. Oh Twitter. How frustrating art thou... :( That stinks that happened to you. That happened to me once. I just had to reset my password and it was all fixed. Then this issue is remembering my password...haha

  8. Bummer they hacked you. :(

    Happens all the time and if you're quick enough to get in there and change your password, sometimes they wont suspend your account. I don't get why people do it either. What a waste of time! Same with all the spam emails that I won 3 million pounds and such... i mean, do people really respond to those nowadays? Maybe at first when it was a new trick, but now?
    I'll never understand how smart people have nothing better to do.

  9. That stinks! And sucks! And blows! But- I'm following a-new and gearing up for NMOQS! Awesomeness :)