Monday, October 7, 2013

Guidelines for Nightmare on Query Street!!!

Has your query ever made anyone scream?

I'm afraid too many of us would say yes, thinking, I'm sure, to their first versions of that letter. Well, if you enter Nightmare on Query Street you want people to scream. And when I say people, I mean our agents. Because what's more fun than a little fear? And this contest crew lives for fun!

Not only will you need to make us feel your main character's greatest FEAR, you'll have to inspire our agents to scream ... with delight! 

Agents will:

scream for a full request

shriek for 50 pages

Shiver for 10 pages

The rules of Nightmare on Query Street are here and the agents are here. So get those queries scream worthy and Michelle, Mike, and I will see you on October 19th.



  1. Such a great name for a query contest.

  2. Sounds fun. Will look forward to this all unfolding!