Friday, September 27, 2013

What Power Does a Blog Have?

We write blogs to get our words out. To communicate with others. To build a base or reach out in social media.

But I don't think those are the main things. I think, at least for us writers, it's all about the community.

Blogging is more like socializing to me. I write up my posts, and, usually, when it's published, I go around and comment on the blogs of bloggers I enjoy. It's a friendship thing for me, a "How are you doing?"

I mean, let's be honest here. Blogging might be one of the least efficient methods to getting people to buy your books (other than Twitter, of course). You might get a dozen or so people to buy your book if you have a great blog, but the hundreds of others won't buy it. It's not efficient. There will always be exceptions, of course (Alex Cavanaugh, anyone?). And the amount of time we put into blogs -- a hour or so every week, and even more for the more productive bloggers -- can be used in other venues, other methods of social outreach. Because, most book-buyers are non-writers. How can we attract non-writers with mostly writing-centered blogs?

That's why I don't really blog in order to increase the sales of any future book I have. That's not my main goal; if it was, I'd be doing something else to achieve this goal.

I blog because I love communicating with other writers. I love hearing and talking and sharing with people going through the same frustrations that I am, people who share my dreams and understand. It's not that I love writing blog posts; I love commenting and getting comments so much more.

Let's not forget that writing books is very much about the journey. Sure, most of us want to be bestsellers, but let's have fun getting to that level. Let's enjoy being with other people on our same path.

Other than actually writing, blogging has been one of the best things I've ever done, writerly-wise (another best thing was joining Agent Query Connect). I love it, I love it so much (even though I'm sometimes tired when I write up posts, if you read my last post, hehehe). It's a great feeling to know others are with you. So thank you so much for being here :)

If you blog, why do you do so? Do you enjoy the company of other writers?


  1. I'm an exception to the rule? Cool.
    My publisher told me to get online with a website and social site, so I combined those into a blog. I started to build a platform and have stayed for the community.
    Blogging can sell books, but you're right - you have to work at it. And use other means to spread the word.

  2. I like the community. I like reading your ideas, and sharing my thoughts. (And I know you do likewise on my blog.)

  3. You bring up a great point. Which is why I stopped blogging craft so much. Writers like craft, but plenty of other bloggers offer that. It's really about building relationships. These connections can bring about so many other values other than book sales. I'm thinking to reach regular readers, a person needs to use Facebook and Twitter wisely, and leave the blogging for other networking resources. That being said, I love blogging. And writing posts has helped me build my author voice in my stories. :)

  4. I like "talking and listening" to other writers. :)

  5. You can learn so much from blogs. And a friend found her agent from an interview at my blog. That's amazing.