Monday, September 23, 2013

What is it with Overdue Books?

I got two books right now that are due today. I went to renew them last night but both reached their max renew limit.

Now what if I want to read these books, because I'm started both of them and am more than halfway through the other?

And they are sort of old books; I doubt anyone really is waiting on them.

Now, after work, I have to go and return these books on the opposite side of town and then come back at eightish. Not fun, not fun at all.

Why can't I renew them more?


Why oh why why why?

Sorry. I get weird when I'm sleep deprived. For some reason, I get more excited, more energetic, but it's a jittery, insane energy. Like, "GOOD GOSH I REALLY NEED TO SLEEP BUT I'M NOT TIRED" energy that makes you want to cry and smile happily at the same time.

Yes, I told you. I get weird when I'm tired.

SO GOODNIGHT!!!! Maybe. If I get sleep. Or I'll just be more crazy and end up wasting hours on the Internet.

And I love the library. I just needed something to blog about today, and I was in a weird mood, and I found out about my books, and.... yea.

All right.

G'night! (Or morning, or evening, or whatever time it'll be when you read this.)

Do you have any fun/exciting/thrilling renewal/overdue material stories?


(Please, please, someone. Give me a day off so I can just sleep.)


  1. Sillyness. I think we should blame the president. Why not? Everyone blames him for everything...LOL But really, it is very "controlling" of the library system!

  2. You could always just finish them and pay the fine.

  3. This has happened to me. And then I kick myself for having the books for sooooo long and not bothering to start them until just before they are due for the final time. The worst are the books that you don't notice are overdue, and decide not to read them because the beginning isn't all that good. Or you've simply changed mind. Then the overdue fine is painful.

  4. My sister almost never returns her books on time. lol I think she partially funded the new library.

  5. Yep. I'm with Alex. Finish them and pay the fine, because it's really not going to cost that much.

    Oh yes, and I hope you get some sleep!