Monday, August 12, 2013

A Relaxing/Filler Post

I'm writing this on a bus to go back home. (Free WiFi! Woo!!!)

This is just a filler post for today. Today, I'm just going to relax and spend time going around to your blogs and commenting because I missed it last Friday (wedding stuff - not my wedding, though, don't worry). The real post you want to read (if you haven't already) is the one before this post, this post here (click the linky) about the connection between blogging and writing.

Can't wait to read everything you guys wrote about over the last few days!


  1. LOL! You better not be blogging on your honeymoon!

  2. Free WiFi in a bus? How cool is that? I remember riding the bus from Adelaide to Melbourne in Australia. I sat beside a (little too) amorous army dude. Wish I could have had WiFi then!

  3. Hey, SC, thanks for being a part of my goodreads giveaway. You ARE a great guy!!