Saturday, July 13, 2013

Winners of Birthday Mini-Contest!

I did a little "It's my birthday!" mini-contest last Friday and here are the two winners of the (very, very small) contest!

Their stories:

A funny one from Rena:

"So, not heart warming, but sort of entertaining birthday story: My sister has always lamented the fact that her hair isn't as long as she'd like. In response she has always worn it down so that it hangs over her shoulders. At her birthday party, we brought out a cake brimming with lit candles. She leaned over and blew out the candles.

"Of course she lit her hair on fire.

:Her boyfriend at the time slapped out the fire post haste. Her best friend said, "Damnit! I didn't get the picture in time! What a Kodak moment!"

"Now everyone ties back their hair before making birthday wishes in my family."

That is hilarious. Seriously. I thought it only happened in movies!!!

And now a heartfelt one from Kel Heinen:

"When I turned 11, it was just after my grandma H had passed away. I was confused when people said she wasn't coming back, etc., had no clue what had happened in August. So, imagine my surprise when, while opening presents, there was a gift from Grandma H. I still have the stuffed animal she gave me and can't sleep without it most nights. I don't care how old I get, that toy will always be with me. It's the very last thing I ever got from her and I treasure it."

That is so sad/happy and truly, increidbly wonderful.

Thank you so much for sharing your birthday stories with me! I loved them :)

BUT NOW I'M OFF TO VACATION! So blogging for the next two weeks (apart from a post I scheduled for Monday) will be sort of light, but I think I'll still be on Twitter (if I get Wi-Fi there). So Tweet me up!