Monday, July 8, 2013


Yes, it is July 8th!!!! 

That means, over on Mike's blog, the top sixteen finalists (those that made it into Round 3) of Query Kombat will be posted AGAIN and will be perused by many itching-to-request agents!!!

Agents will be coming in from today, July 8th, to July 13th (Saturday) to make their requests.

We've worked hard to get as many agents as we can to look over these entries (a LOT of emails, soon to be mass-Tweeting), and it'd be awesome to get even more! ONE THOUSAND AGENTS. HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE.

If you know any agents or can get in contact with them, invite them over to Mike's blog to make requests! We have almost every single genre accommodated and every single age-group (even NA!) except for very young children (we do have MG, though). Chances are, any fiction-requesting agent will find something they love in the top 16!

So invite! Also, look at me on Twitter (@SC_Author) and feel free to retweet, mention, etc., to any and all agents, and help spread the #QueryKombat love.

This week-long phase is almost ALL about getting agents to come and make requests, and we've got some AWESOME AND FANTASTIC agents lined up for it!

I am very, very excited to see what happens.



  1. One thousand agents - wow would the competition to be listed for viewing be fierce!

  2. Drumroll! It's coming down to the wire!!

  3. Holy! SC, are you exhausted??? You just keep going with the craziness. That's awesome.

    And Rome??? Sweeeeet. I haven't been there yet. My hubby lived in Italy for 2 years, so he's dying to go back which means I'll SOMEDAY get to go. *crosses fingers*


  4. it is exctiting and interesting...