Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Winners of Round 1 Query Kombat

Firstly, thank you.

Thank you to everyone who commented and critiqued the entries. Thank you to our judges. Thank you to our contestants for being such amazing sports. Thank you everyone.

Thank you to everyone who did not advance to the next round. Thank you for opening yourself up to critique and thank you for being so responsive to feedback. You guys are amazing. I'm not just saying that to say that. You gave the judges a hard time. Trust me.

This writing community is INCREDIBLE, due to you guys! Thank you, and I know you'll find homes for your amazing skills!

Here are the Kontestants who will advance to the next round!
Email me at SC_Author(at)yahoo(dot)com if you think there has been any confusion or mistake.

The Decapitator: Adult Urban Fantasy

McTavish Academy: Adult Urban Fantasy

Champagne & Hot Dogs: Women's Fiction

Penny Lane Grows Up: Women's Fiction

Interstellar Pez: MG SciFi

Jungle Vendetta: MG SciFi

Zone Tripper: Adult SciFi

Alien Prep School Conspiracy: YA SciFi

Tricks Aren’t For Kids: YA Contemp.

Broken Jar: YA Contemp.

Like-Minded Individuals: Adult Thriller

Dangerous Politics: Adult Thriller

Mississippi Crazypants: Women's Fiction

Meryl-&-I: Women's Fiction

Minna Gray: YA Futuristic Fantasy

Supergeeker: YA Fantasy

Colorblind: YA SciFi

Misfit Apocalypse: YA SciFi

Not Odette: YA Fantasy

Kicking Ash: NA Fantasy

Knight in Shining Armani: Adult Contemp Romance

SugarTales: YA Contemp.

Revenant: YA Urban Fantasy

Lies and Lovers: Contemporary YA (in verse)

Troglin Snot: MG Fantasy

Zombie Barbers: MG Comedy

The Fisherman: Adult Lit. Suspense

Spirit Slayer: YA Southern Gothic

RedDryad: YA Paranormal 

DAMNED: YA Dark Fantasy

Eye Above You: MG Contemp.

Elementary Girl: Alt History Mystery

Congrats, everybody, for an AWESOME time! Stay tuned tomorrow when these posts will go up on this blog!! Wooo!!! *Excited*


  1. A lot of science fiction - very cool!

  2. I notice only the first 6 match ups are up so far; are the other ten elsewhere?