Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Round 2 Entries are Up!

Wooo!!!! Round 2 Entries are UPP!!!!!!!!!!

Important: Probably, only a few of the 16 posts will show up below, due to some automatic cut off in Blogger. Instead, go over to the right below the 'Subscribe' widget and look at the posts under 'June' in the Blog Archive. All of them will be there. :D

The winners of this round will move on to the Mentor round!!! WOOO!! So if you win, you'll be paired with one of our awesome mentors to help fix and tighten and awesome-ize your entry so you can win even better in Rounds 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Once again, if you wish to withdraw from the contest only due to non-contest related stuff like getting an agent, etc., you must do it before June 9th over email (QueryKombat (at) yahoo (dot) com). If you don't do it before June 9th, you cannot withdraw for any reason!

Some brief refreshers:

1. This contest is BRUTAL. Again, half of you will be gone and only half will advance. And ALL of these entries are future books on the bookshelves. This is crazy.

2. Be kind. This is self-explanatory. Don't be horrid to other writers (or people, in general). Keep this contest clean and fun.

Only for the entrants

1. It is required that you critique six other match-ups. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be crazily in depth :) (But don't make it just cheerleading, either.)

For the entrants and the audience

2. Keep your critiques to the encouraging, positive side. Say what you love about each entry, at the minimum, and then go on to say what they can improve on (it'll be a great source for them to call upon if they make it into Round 3 and get to revamp their entry with their mentors). And you can vote, too, as to what entry you think should win! Just don't be obnoxious about it. (And don't vote 'yes' because the writer is your friend. That's not cool.)

3. Do NOT make the first comment. The first comment will be "This comment is reserved for the judges' votes" and will, well, be reserved for the judges' votes.  It makes it easier for us to count up the votes. One of us three hosts will go around and post that comment once the match-ups are published, but it might take a while so be patient until we make our rounds :D

4. No cheerleading. Some people have more of an online presence than others, and thus, more chances of being 'cheered'. Keep it fair and keep it fun for everyone :) Back up your cheerleading with constructive criticism, and don't be afraid to cheer on strangers! (People like that. Really. They do.)

 Go on Twitter under the hashtag #QueryKombat and cheer everyone on! (And shoot me a Tweet over here. (And don't forget to follow my blog!)) There is an AWESOME online community over Twitter at that hashtag. Really. It's amazing.

If you have any questions or you see any problems with your entries (mistakes happen!) comment below and I'll answer them/fix them ASAP :)

(By the way, has anyone realized how AWESOME this song AND video is?! I kind of love it. I've had it on replay for about two hours. Not lying.)

Welp, that's it! HAVE FUN GUYS!!!!!! AND GOOD LUCK!!!!


  1. Love what you're doing here, SC! So much fun! And so great for the community. Also, thanks so much for your kind comment on my latest post. Really helpful!

  2. Awesome, SC! Way to keep the upbeat contests going! :)

  3. You've done such a geat job with this contest! You're all over the twitter verse - love it!! :)

  4. Woot! It's getting down to the wire! Kudos to all the contestants :-)