Monday, June 10, 2013

Query Kombat Round 2 Winners & Mentor Pairings & Round 3 Match-Ups!

Woo!!! After a CRAZY Round 2 (with so many amazing entries Kombating so many other amazing entries), we’ve got your winners below!

Round 3 will go up on Mike’s blog at on June 14—in four days! But there’s a reason for this long time gap.

What is that reason?

The winners of this round (listed below) are going to be paired up with some of our AMAZING mentors. Each mentor will help two entries in getting their queries and 250 into ship-shape, Kombating mode.

Be careful. The winners below have until 8 PM EST June 12 to send in their entries to QueryKombat(at)yahoo(dot)com. No corrections will be made after that, so make sure your entry is ready to go.


We'll have our amazing 10 agents come AFTER the entire contest is over (beginning of June) to make requests! They'll peruse these 16 entries and make requests at that time (they're going to do their 'Query Kombat Agent Voting' stuff in the Final Four). Yes, it will be AMAZING. SO many great entries, helped along by the AMAZING critiques you have been giving them, will be displayed for agent interest!


Below is the list of entries paired up with which mentor they will work with.

Brianna Shrum:

Mississippi Crazypants
Lies and Lovers

Vicki Weavil:

Zone Tripper
Like-Minded Individuals

Rebecca Yarros:

The Decapitator
Not Odette

Jean Oram:

Champagne and Hotdogs
Broken Jar

Richard Pearson:

Elementary Girl
Minna Gray

Jennie Bozic:

Kicking Ash

Mindy McGinnis:

Troglin Snot

Marcy Kate:

Eye Above You
Jungle Vendetta

To the actual winners:

Please please please make the most of your mentors. They are so selflessly donating their time to help you, so please, use their help! Every single one of them knows what they are talking about. Our mentors are FANTASTIC.
I am so excited to see all the amazing entries get even stronger. June 14th will be a fun-filled, awesome day.

Here are the entries that will be Kombating in Round 3!!

Like-Minded Individuals vs The Decapitator
Zone Tripper vs Colorblind
Troglin Snot vs Jungle Vendetta
Eye Above You vs Lies and Lovers
Kicking Ash vs Minna Gray
Not Odette vs Supergeeker
Elementary Girl vs Broken Jar
Mississippi Crazypants vs Champagne and Hotdogs

Have fun!!! Are you guys excited?!?!


  1. Glad the combat is still steaming ahead full speed!

  2. And the competition gets more intense. *sprays down the winners for the next round*

  3. hmm. I'm wondering what Troglin Snot is about...

  4. The competition sounds as if its getting intense.

  5. My finger hovers over the send button on my final version of QL and 250. Thanks for all your help @MarcyKate! ...must...push...send...but...oh...the...fear...What if it's still not right?

    SC, Michelle and Mike- What a great contest to help us sharpen queries. I've developed a better "eye" for detail in my work. (hehe, see what I did there)

    Good luck in the next rounds everyone! Eye Above You

  6. Rob - I did the same think. Thanks so much to our lovely hosts and my awesome mentor!

  7. Yeah - that should have been thing. Glad I proof-read my entry better before submitting. :)