Monday, June 24, 2013

Query Kombat Agent Round has STARTED!


These four entries (posted below) have beat out almost 220 others to get to Round 5 of this competition. That's kind of awesome.

But Round 5 is different.

Each of our ten (yes, TEN!) amazing agents will choose one entry they think will become the overall winner. Don't worry, they can make requests on any of the others entries as well. Their champion pick will double as a one week exclusive (shared with the other agents who choose that query as their champion) if and only if that entry wins the Query Kombat tournament.

To clarify, they may make requests on any or all of the final four entries, but they may only choose one entry as champion.

They also can make requests on behalf of another agent at their agency if none of the final four entries are something they would usually represent.

And EVEN MORE SO: One week after the whole tournament ends, the agents have another chance to look at the top 16 entries (click here to see them!) that made it VERY far, but got cut. This will be open to all agents, even if they didn't participate in the tournament. (Agents, click that link to see the entries; get ready to see which entries you'd like to request more of, because they are AWESOME.)

Trust us when we say, those 16 are amazing. So many of the votes were, "Gosh darn it, I love both of these and they are so amazing, but I have to vote!" Really. It's quite funny (and horrible, because I had to vote too, and it was like legal and publicized torture). Many of the votes were subjective, so agents, if you don't find anything you love in these four (which I doubt, but still) it is HIGHLY probably that you'd find something amazing in the sixteen. 

But that's for a later time: This is now, and here we welcome the ten amazing agents! They are awesome.

They have up until tomorrow (the 25th) to make their picks, requests, etc. After, I will post the match-ups in their Kombating format, and the judging (and Round 5) will start until just one remains standing.

Audience, you can participate too! Cheer each other on, etc, and have fun. But, the time for critiques is not now. We've had four rounds of that, and will have two more when time comes. 

For now, just happiness and good thoughts as we see requests being made :D And bring on the happy thoughts/comments! Think Hogwarts. And how it was named because Rowena Ravenclaw had a dream that she was riding a warty hog to a cliff and oversaw a lake (where Hogwarts was eventually built). That's pretty happy.

Agents, make your picks and requests by clicking 'reply' to the "This comment's replies reserved for agent use" comment (so your comments stand out amongst the others).

Have fun guys!!!


  1. Finally the agent round is here!
    Good luck final four.

  2. I'm so proud of our final four. You all have endured a lot to get here. Your entries look excellent. I hope each of you find success and bestsellerdom. I believe in each of you and win or lose, each of you should walk away from qk with your heads held high and a sense of accomplishment. You are the final four of nearly 220 entries. Congrats and good luck

  3. I can't wait to see which ones they pick. Awesome job, everyone!!!!

  4. Wow, wow, wow! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the finalists!

  5. Sooooo exciting! Wonderful stuff going on over here, SC!

    (And I always want to respond to your comments over on my blog, but your email is set on "no-reply" LOL... anyway, just appreciate your thoughtful comments. I'm always interested to what you have to say. Thank you) :D

  6. Awesome, SC! Glad you're doing this! I can't imagine all the work that goes into it. Hand claps for you! :)

  7. Great contest! Benefits abound for all who follow it. Reading the queries and first pages certainly helped me! Thanks organizers, mentors, judges and agents. Kudos to those writers willing to share! (MarcyKate was a great mentor.) Good luck fellow kombatants!