Monday, June 17, 2013

Paul McCartney Narrates "Glass Walls" & Belated Father's Day

Warning: INCREDIBLY graphic images below.

Also, I do not support PETA's methods; this video is just a video and doesn't mean I like what PETA does all the time.

This is not a "Please be vegetarian!" cry. And I do mean that! Seriously! This is a "Please, be aware of what is going around you!" cry, and maybe, a "Stop animal abuse" plea. There are sustainable, friendlier ways to operate a slaughterhouse; I am in support of those. My 'goal' in life is not to make the world vegetarian! (Please, please understand that.)

Enjoy (or, actually, don't enjoy. This is horrific but it SHOULD be known! We can't shy away or ignore things like this, things that happen around us). We need to act.

Other than that horrific imagery, how was your Father's Day? We went on a picnic with my cousins, and it was all pretty fun. Then a dinner afterwards, and a good day overall.

Happy (Belated) Father's Day to all you fathers out there!


  1. It's shameful how factory farms treat animals.

  2. I skipped over it. Thanks for the warning!

    My husband was in Las Vegas during father's day for a bachelor party.

  3. Oh my gosh! Only you could combine a PETA post with father's day, SC...

    I had to skip over it. It's so disturbing...

  4. I'm sorry, SC, but I just cannot watch the video. I'm well aware how animals are treated, and it is for that reason alone that I too am a vegetarian.

    I truly despair of the human race at the best of times. But to hurt, slaughter and abuse such innocent creatures for a slap-up meal is not only immoral, but evil. I wish those who do such terrible things nothing but pain in their death.