Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Query Kombat Picks & Request for Stories

Query Kombat is OVER!!! In a crazy final match-up, Jungle Vendetta won, which means only agent Jennie Goloboy gets the one-week exclusive (she's the only agent that correctly guessed which entry would win the entire Kontest). Congrats!

We know that many of you guys wondered about which one of us (Mike, Michelle, or I) picked your entry to be in Query Kombat. I wasn't too keen on presenting this info, and I'm still kind of not (for one thing, none of us read every single entry -- it all got, for the most part, randomly split into three piles). Just because we didn't pick it, doesn't mean we didn't like it. Most likely, we didn't even see it.

But, I know many of you guys want to know, and maybe it's a little fun to do this, now that the Kontest is over (Jungle Vendetta won! Michelle's pick. Grr. Next time, it'll be us, don't worry), so here it is.

Here are the entries that I picked for my third of the Query Kombat entries, and I loved all of you. Really! (Keep in mind, we didn't make a list of which ones we picked. I'm going based off of memory. There might be mistakes.)

Briget Meets Georgia
Broken Jar
Misfit Apocalypse
Tricks Aren't For Kids
Little Red Head
Sharkey Malarkey
Villainous Wizard
Fists of Fury
Sugar Tales
Dangerous Politics
Aztecs in Space
The Fisherman
Zone Tripper
Champagne and Hot Dogs
The Swimmer
O Captain My Captain

I think the biggest reason I'm doing this is so that if ANY of you guys EVER get a success story -- be it a simple, "This contest really, really helped me make my query and 250 so much better," or "I got an agent/publisher!" PLEASE send me an email at SC_Author (at) yahoo (dot) com or Tweet me on Twitter!!!!!! PLEASE!! I might post the email on this blog (if you give me permission to) or we can set up an interview. Or we can just cheer together :)

The best part of this contest hasn't happened yet: the success stories. And I truly want to see them. I want to hear about them. I really, really want this contest to have helped you guys and I want it to be something meaningful and constructive, not just fun.

So I seriously mean it. I'd love a simple, "This contest really helped me realize how to write a query which came in use in the next book, which I got represented for." Even if you weren't in the Kontest and just visited the entries to learn from them, I don't mind. Send a success email! It'd probably make my entire day. It'd help make all this work seem worth it.

So keep me (or us, if Mike or Michelle picked your entry) in mind when you become greater writers than you already are :)

Congrats, Jungle Vendetta! Keep looking at this blog. There is a LOT still coming up (such as interviews with Jungle Vendetta, and MarcyKate, its mentor. AND, agents are coming back from July 8th to the 13th request from the top 16 entries! WOO!).

Success stories. Don't forget. Send them!


  1. Hope there are some awesome success stories!

  2. I THOUGHT you were the one that picked me ;-) (Tricks Arent For Kids)So thanks. It was lots of fun, very informative (even if part of that lesson was subjectivity 8-)

  3. I clapped like I was watching my favorite artist win an award. lol

  4. I love the success stories. It's so awesome to hear when people get over that next hurdle. :)

  5. Thanks for picking me for the contest and giving me a chance. :)
    ~The Little Red Head

  6. I'm looking forward to lots of success stories. :D