Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Match-Ups for Round 2 of Query Kombat!

Continued, kind of, from the last post.

Want to know who you'll be Kombating in the next round? Here are the match-ups!

Here are the matchups:

Mississippi Crazypants vs. Meryl-&-I
The Decapitator vs. McTavish Academy
Champagne & Hot Dogs vs. Penny Lane Grows Up
The Fisherman vs. Zone Tripper
Like-Minded Individuals vs. Dangerous Politics
Knight in Shining Armani vs. Elementary Girl
Kicking Ash vs. Spirit Slayer
Broken Jar vs. SugarTales
Tricks Aren’t For Kids vs. Lies and Lovers
Not Odette vs. DAMNED
Supergeeker vs. Alien Prep School Conspiracy
Revenant vs. Colorblind
Minna Gray vs. Misfit Apocalypse
RedDryad vs. Eye Above You
Zombie Barbers vs. Troglin Snot
Jungle Vendetta vs. Interstellar Pez
Have fun, guys!!! I'm going to format all these entries today so they'll post tomorrow.


  1. I think it's pretty hilarious that my cedar tree is up against an arborist. Coincidence? Or are you twisted that way? ;)

  2. Troglins, hair clippings, snot, and zombies? This is gonna be one seriously messy round! :)

    I'm honored to be paired up against such a brilliant entry. Best of luck to everyone! \o/