Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I've Just Witnessed History - Wendy Davis

No leaning, no drinking, no eating, only standing -- for 13 hours.

Regardless of your personal beliefs (please, trust me, I really don't mind which side you fight for; not caring about personal differences is actually probably the BIGGEST theme in the books I write (it means a lot to me), so trust me when I say, I don't mind), Wendy Davis is an American hero. Not because of what her views are -- not at ALL. Because of what she went through and what she endured in order to get her voice heard.

This is history. 13 HOURS. That is INCREDIBLE, regardless of what she believed in.

Wendy Davis is now one of my most favorite politicians, ever. Not at all because of her thoughts -- MANY others have the same thoughts. But to stand in a court where the others scrutinize your every movement in order to shut you down, and to still fight -- that is America. That is true America. The right for even one person to be heard, no matter how unpopular her ideas are. That is the makings of a GREAT politician.

Read this article if you don't know what I'm talking about.

#StandforWendy trended WORLDWIDE on Twitter, as did many other filibuster-related trends. The live stream of the filibuster was CRAZY, with angry men, sassy women, and cheering crowds (bordering on unruly).

It was an incredible experience to be a part of, an incredible thing to see (and probably even more incredible to be present at).

And one of the best parts: in the end, the crowd itself helped finish the filibuster, stalling and delaying procedure for about 15 minutes.

Soon, Wendy will finally be able to sit. This was INCREDIBLE; definitely one of the highlights of my summer, just to witness this. It was hilarious, inspiring, and incredible, and wonderful to talk with others on Twitter and share in the excitement.

You will hear a LOT about Wendy in the coming days, trust me (although, so many news channels have, oddly, not covered footage of this; Twitter has almost become the new official news reporter). She'll be everywhere.

And although there is a LOT of confusion over the ending of this bill (they voted after midnight?), technically, it passed. Yes. It did.

But it might be illegal; and although I'm not sure exactly what happened or will happen, I know that something will happen. Something already is happening.


Did you watch this history in the making? How did you feel?

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  1. No, I did not even know about this until I read your post.

    I like people who put their money where their mouth's are per se. Wendy is clearly a brave woman and someone to admire. There are so few people such as her. Shame.