Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Had an Amazing Night (of Writing, You Perverts)

Last Sunday night I had a FANTASTIC night of writing.

So you know how I haven't cried in years? How I've never cried while reading a book or watching movie since I was 10 or something? (Yes, I'll admit it, I sorta had to force myself to cry in Deathly Hallows: Part Two because I mean, I had to cry in that movie. It was law. So I blinked extra hard and squeezed a few tears out.)

I'm just not a crier. That's just not my thing.

And no, that didn't really change last night as I wrote, but it almost did (so, so close).

I first wrote about 1,000 words into the scene I was supposed to write, and that went really well. And then I put my laptop away at about 2 AM (yes, I'm a late night writer), and went to bed. Not really. I kept thinking about a scene that happens near the end of the book, and a new idea popped into my head and I LOST IT.

I went crazy. Like I started choking up while I was 'sleeping' and shaking my head and all like, "Why, why oh why does that have to happen," and I got up at 2:30 AM and I WROTE. I wrote 900 words, finished, at 3 AM, the scene that had moved me so much, and it was incredibly exhilarating. Probably one of, if not the, best day/night of writing I've had so far--and I've been doing some 'serious' novel-writing for years.

So no, I didn't seriously bawl out crying (I can't do that) but it was sad and fantastic, especially for writing.

And that amazing feeling has seeped into the next few days as well -- I'm writing more than I usually ever had done, and it's coming easily.

So what am I trying to tell you?

Take advantage of times like these.

Even if it is 3 in the morning, even if you are so tired, do not tell yourself you'll be able to call up the same emotions later on. Fresh emotions are different than the same emotion recycled, and your emotions play a HUGE role in your writing--write an emotional scene two times, once while sad, once while happy, and you'll see what I mean. Your emotions come through your words.

These moments are gold, and you probably want all the gold you can get.

So keep a notepad around with you everywhere you go! You probably won't know when these moments will hit you, and it's best to be ready and jot down some dialogue, some powerful lines, something to jog your memory and fresh emotions later on. And maybe even write out the whole, unedited scene right then and there.

It was fantastic, I'm telling you.

Did you guys ever experience a scene or day/night like this?


  1. I SO AGREE WITH YOU. I have had this happen more than once, and they are literally the ///BEST/// things to ever happen. It /always/ happens late for me, so that's why I'm usually up until 5AM (even if I work the next day, unfortunately). Agh, so glad for you! Those moments always make writing worth it. (:

  2. This post evoked a similar 'aaarrrrgggghhhh' moment that I experienced recently, when I couldn't be bothered getting out of bed to find a pen to write down a positively wonderful idea.

    Must tie ballpoint to finger before going to sleep!

  3. This is how I live my life! Seriously. I'm a late night writer too--and we HAVE to seize these moments when they come. I totally resonated with this post, SC. Loved it.

  4. That's how I feel! I'm not particularly a night writer, but if that idea comes to me, and it grips me, I have to do it any way I can!

  5. While I have not quite had this late night writing experience, I do always carry a pen and paper with me because those amazing ideas come at the strangest times. Excellent post.