Monday, May 6, 2013

Query Kombat Progress Report

Well, I was going to make some changes to my blog design as, in a previous post, I asked if I should. I wanted to make the posts' backgrounds a bit white/cream colored to break up all the blue, but I tried and it looked completely horrible (like a construction-paper box stuck over my blog). So that's not happening. Sorry guys :(


Query Kombat Progress!

The judges have gotten all of their nicknames and I picked mine too, after a bunch of thinking and tossed-out ideas. I was GOING to go with Humbledore (Victor Hugo + Dumbledore) but I felt that would be too obvious, so now I've got a very secretive name that I like. The judges will be voting "Yes" or "No" for one query on each Query Kombat post, and we decided to keep the judges' voting identities a secret so you won't hate them for the rest of your lives.

The email account has been set up for a while now (QueryKombat (at) yahoo (dot) com) and we've got folders and stuff so Michelle, Mike, and I can split up the pile into three and pick the queries we want in the tournament. A BUNCH of planning has already happened.

There are a good number of announcements over Twitter under the hashtag #QueryKombat. Nothing too big (you'll see the big announcements on our blogs) but small progress reports.

A lot is happening behind the scenes, guys! I cannot thank Mike and Michelle enough. They have done SO MUCH and this contest wouldn't be possible without them. It's way too much work for one person, and we three make an awesome team. You should see our email stream. It's like teamwork gold right there.

But this contest is all about you.

We want to see your queries. We want to see your first 250 words. I'll do a "What I Like and Don't Like from the Submissions" type thing over Twitter so you won't be out of the loop and you'll see what I think works and doesn't work. But it all comes down to you guys!

Submission window starts one week from now, Monday the 13th! I KNOW. IT'S CRAZY!

Are you guys excited? I AM.

Get your manuscripts ready, and hone those query and first 250 words to perfection!

And remember. Voice voice voice. That'll be the secret to getting in the contest. I could tell, from the beginning, which entries would get a large number of votes in my "Become an Agent" contest just by the voice. If you are debating whether to revolve your query around plot or voice, make it more about the voice (but do keep the main plot elements in there--it's all about a balance). A bland play-by-play rarely entices anyone.

Go go go guys!

OH! It was Adele's 25th birthday yesterday (May 5th)! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are an awesome person and singer.


  1. Sorry to be the one to point it out, but you've got a typo on your date. Monday is the 13th, and us poor writers get so confused with silly stuff like that. (Feel free to delete this comment, I won't mind.)

  2. Very exciting! I wrote the submission guideline post today. It's all ready to go live on Friday. I'll get that to you soon, SC!

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  4. Shame about the idiot (above). Forgot what I was going to say now!

    1. Hehe I was about to delete the above comment but I'm going to keep it now :)

  5. Good luck to all who are entering. I'm looking forward to see what happens. :D

  6. More news! One judge had to bow out due to a conflict, but we have two new judges ready to replace her!

  7. I am looking forward to this contest.