Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Query Kombat Preliminary Winners! (& Crit Opportunity)

UPDATED winners' list in bold! Check to make sure your entry is still in. If not, email us.

THE WINNERS! (Or, people who got into the first round. The real winner will be the best query of the bunch!)

(Forgive me for any grammar mistakes, this post had to be rushed out for your viewing pleasure :D)

But guys, DO NOT think that if you did not get in, you were somehow inferior to them. As much as we tried to be unbiased, subconscious bias is undeniable. And, LET ME TELL YOU:

(I'll give you time to scroll down, look if you won, and come back here.)

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know how incredibly, incredibly hard it was for me to make my 22 picks. I spent HOURS trying to make my picks. Out of about 210ish entries, we had to pick 64. And since all of you already are so involved with the writerly world, almost EVERY one of those 210 entries were request-worthy entries.

But we had the brutal task of cutting 75% of you all. And it SUCKED. Because so many of you were so tremendously awesome! One entry, especially, I felt horrible about cutting because it was sooo amazing but the word count was too low. Yes. It came down to stuff like word count, simple grammar mistakes/typos (we couldn't post that on our blogs), and other things like that. It got very nit-picky in the end.

Just because you didn't get in, doesn't mean you suck. It means you are awesome, actually, for posting in this contest.

Literally, yesterday night, I stayed up and had almost a depressed/sadness attack at thinking about all of you guys that were cut out. I know (and have talked to via Twitter and email and AQC) so many of you. And you are such talented writers. So I felt like crap.

And Mike proposed a critique to help you out, and I AGREE. This idea made me feel tons better, so if you guys didn't get in the contest, there is a chance for you to find out WHY you did not get in!

Post your twitter name and entry nickname in the comments of ONE of our blogs. We will critique as many entries as we can over twitter. I'm probably going to do it over Direct Messaging on Twitter. But trust us when we say: we will not belittle your entries. If we have crits we think might be slightly harmful, we'll DM them to you. But rest assured: they will be helpful and encouraging and positive!

They will also be general critiques, nothing in-depth. I have no idea how many crits we will be able to do. That all depends on how much time we have left over after formatting everything for the tournament. Please be patient with us :DD
Now, to get to what you've all been waiting for: the Query Kombat kontestants....

THE WINNERS (of the entry round)!!

Adult Kontestants:

Dangerous Politics: Adult Thriller
To Die For: Adult Thriller
Tall Ships and Magic: Adult Historical Fantasy
Mississippi CrazyPants: Women's Fiction
WytchCraft: Adult Urban Fantasy
Knight in Shining Armani: Adult Contemporary Romance
Nostalgic Dreamer: Adult Contemp. Romance
Like-Minded Individuals: Adult Thriller
History Hound: Adult Historical Fiction (2nd Entry)
McTavish Academy: Adult Urban Fantasy
Penny Lane Grows up: Women's Fiction 
Dr. Thermo: Adult Science Fiction
Sway Me Buble: Women's Fiction
The Decapitator: Adult Urban Fantasy
Meryl-and-I: Women's Fiction
The Fisherman: Adult Literary Suspense
Aztecs in Space: Adult Science Fiction
Zone Tripper: Adult Science Fiction
BeelzebubBasher: Adult Historical Fiction
The Swimmer: Adult Social Science Fiction
Champagne and Hotdogs: Women's Fiction

Young Adult Kontestants:

HeadScarfJazz: YA Contemporary
Lies and Lovers: YA Contemp. (in verse)
Repo Girl: YA Contemporary
TheSpaceMafia: YA Science Fiction
Minna Gray: YA Futuristic Fantasy
Not Odette: YA Fantasy
Burrito Thief: YA Fantasy
Elementary Girl: Alt Historical Mystery
DAMNED: YA Dark Fantasy
DreamPirate: YA Crime
Alien Prep School Confidential: YA Science Fiction
Denali: YA Science Fiction
Multitude of Death Stars: YA Science Fiction
Spirit Slayer: YA Southern Gothic
Misfit Apocalypse: YA Science Fiction
Broken Jar: YA Contemporary
The Little Red Head: YA Fantasy
BourneMW: YA Science Fiction
SharkyMalarkey:  YA Contemporary
Supergeeker: YA Fantasy
Colorblind: YA Science Fiction
Villainous Wizard: YA Contemporary Fantasy
FistsofFury: YA Thriller
Revenant: YA Urban Fantasy
SugarTales: YA Contemporary
Sillius: YA Contemporary
RedDryad: YA Paranormal Fiction
Tricks aren't for Kids: YA Contemporary
Bridget Meets Georgia in Homage to Jane: YA Romance

New Adult Kontestants:

Avenging Angels: NA Urban Fantasy
O Captain, My Captain: NA Contemporary
Kicking Ash: NA Fantasy


JungleVendetta: MG Science Fiction
Troglin Snot: MG Fantasy
Too Many Legs to Play Baseball: MG Fantasy
Wishwell: MG Contemporary
Interstellar Pez: MG Science Fiction
Zombie Barbers: MG Comedy
Strongarm Odyssey: MG Fantasy
One-Eyed Cat: MG Mystery
Eye Above You: MG Contemporary 

That's all, folks, for Round 1! Thanks for an AWESOME AWESOME journey. I've met so many awesome people on Twitter from the #QueryKombat and #QueryKombatSlush hashtags, and that alone has made this contest worthwhile :D I love the writer's community.

If you got in, congrats!!!!! You will find yourself in the first round on May 28th, on Michelle's blog. If not, and if you want a brief critique as to why you did not get in, then comment below with your Twitter username and entry nickname, and we'll shoot you a Tweet as soon as we can!
(And wait until you see these entries. They are so awesomely fantastic. I picked about half of the YA ones, and some of the Adult! Woot Woot!)


  1. Twitter username: DustynMcCormick
    Entry Nickname: Atlantis Fire

    I would love a critique, everything helps for improvement.

  2. I'm down! @AnneTedeton on Twitter, entry was Guns & Feathers.

  3. I guess this is a good blog to comment... Twitter name: KathrynFaye007 ; Nickname: Death Walker

  4. I would be delighted to receive a critique, if you could.

    Twitter username: @reallyemily5
    Entry Nickname: NightSerpent

  5. Thank you guys so much for putting this together, and being so open / honest about the process. Clearly, you *get* us writer-ly types. And it helps! Good luck to all the contestants!

  6. Good luck to everyone who made it!

    I would also be very appreciative of another critique:

    twitter name:@AnnMNoser
    Nickname: DeadGuysDatingGuide, NA urban fantasy

  7. Yay!! Congrats to the entrants who made it in!! I can't wait to see the amazing entries! Thank you especially for getting this out to us earlier than expected so we didn't have to stay in agony waiting any longer than necessary. :)
    @HKaczynski - Adastra

  8. Congrats to all who made it! And thank for an awesome contest. I know how much work this is.

    Would very much appreciate a critique

    twitter name:@ellaschwartz
    Nickname: PlaguePrincess

  9. Congrats to all those who made it! I'd love a critique:

    Twitter: @dNicholeKing
    Nickname: Ghostygirl, YA urban fantasy

  10. Congrats to everyone who made it through to Round One!
    And Good luck to all who didn' included!
    I will take a crit, please. : )
    2 Late 2 Apologize

  11. Congrats to the winners. I'll take a critique.

    Twitter: @patoholloway

    Nickname: The Ultimate Jinn, YA Supernatural Thriller

  12. Hello there, yes - I'm with you - congratulations to all, and I can't wait to read the winners! I'd be excited to get a critique as well: Drop Dead Shimmer - NA Paranormal
    Thank you for doing this for us out of the goodness of your <3s

  13. I would appreciate the critique. Thanks so much for not leaving us high and dry.

    Twitter: @sydliyah
    Nickname: Boba Fett22

    Thanks again and good luck those that made it to the big show.

  14. Hi ya. Thanks for contest. :-)

    Twitter: @jmbraybooks
    Nickname: Vinni

    Thanks :-)

  15. Thank you for this contest and for the offer of feedback. Also, contratulations to the winners.

    Twitter: KateWriter
    Nickname: Me_ok

  16. Thank you for running the contest and for your gracious offer to critique. I would really appreciate it.

    Nickname: Adesina

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to critique. You suggested YA which is something I have been wondering about - thank you.

  17. Congrats to the 64! This was fun, thanks...and a critique would be awesome.

    Twitter: Justin_Holley
    Nickname: Peruvian Gods

  18. Congrats to the semi/demi(what round is this? lol) finalists!

  19. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Twitter: nikiofware
    Nickname: Blood Stains

  20. Thanks for working with Mike and Michelle on this outstanding contest. What an opportunity to learn and grow! I'm meeting so many cool new friends. Thanks! -Eye Above You (Go MG!)

  21. You guys are super awesome for putting this together! And congrats to everyone who made it in!!!
    Nickname: Star Painter

  22. Well, crud, I've got to get out more. I didn't know you did another contest!

  23. Thanks for your work on this.

    Twitter: slsabovitch
    Entry: Crazy Muse

  24. How lovely of you to offer critiques!

    Here's my newly minted public Twitter account: @MelissaOblitas
    And my nickname: Dreamless Dreams

  25. Thanks for all the time you guys put in, it sounded difficult!

    Love a word or two about my entry:

    Frost's Frog


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  27. Congrats to the winners...

    Like SC said... everyone is a winner. Just putting our work out there to be viewed takes so much courage... Never give up on a dream. Just one little tweak can make all the difference in the world.

    Good luck to everyone!

  28. Thanks for the opportunity and I would appreciate the critique!

    Nickname: American Wuxia


  29. Hi, I would appreciate any critique you could offer. Thank you!

    Nickname: Madame'sPawn

  30. If you have the time, yes I'd appreciate a critique.

    Nickname: PaladinPeter
    (I don't have a twitter account, but my email address is on my entry form)

  31. (am I too late for this?)

    Twitter Name: @NicElizP
    Nickname: Mistery

    Thank you!

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    1. I apologize. I don't even know how I found this post. I'll blame my fever/flu-addled mind. Carry on!

    2. No, don't worry, it wasn't only you :)

  33. Thanks for the contest!
    Nickname: Colorful Chairs
    Twitter: @yamilesmendez

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  36. Hey! Sorry to burst your bubbles but this post was for last year's contest D: On top of managing the contest, it ended up being just too much work so I doubt if I'm going to do it this year :(