Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Commenting Guidelines/Rules of Conduct for Round 1!!!

Guys, Query Kombat has OFFICIALLY BEGUN!!! WOOO!!!!! Round 1 has begun!!

64 queries (two each in 32 total match-ups) are currently in a face-off on Michelle's blog.

Check out this bracket to see who is facing off in Round 1:

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Some things to remember if you are IN the contest

1. This contest is BRUTAL. First of all, only 64 out of about 210 entries were chosen. That means they are among the best. And, in round 1, half of that number is going to be decimated. Only 32 will remain standing. So please, don't be discouraged if you lose! Take this as a growing opportunity and a chance to meet awesome people.

2. Be kind. This is self-explanatory. Don't be horrid to other writers (or people, in general). Keep this contest clean and fun.

Commenting guidelines

Only for the entrants

1. It is required that you critique six other match-ups. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be crazily in depth :) (But don't make it just cheerleading, either.)

For the entrants and the audience

2. Keep your critiques to the encouraging, positive side. Say what you love about each entry, at the minimum, and then go on to say what they can improve on (it'll be a great source for them to call upon if they make it into Round 3 and get to revamp their entry with their mentors). And you can vote, too, as to what entry you think should win! Just don't be obnoxious about it. (And don't vote 'yes' because the writer is your friend. That's not cool.)

3. Do not make the first comment. The first comment will be "This comment is reserved for the judges' votes" and will, well, be reserved for the judges' votes. The judges will reply to that comment and cast their votes. It makes it easier for us to count up the votes. One of us three hosts will go around and post that comment once the match-ups are published, but it might take a while so be patient  until we make our rounds :D

4. No cheerleading. Some people have more of an online presence than others, and thus, more chances of being 'cheered'. Keep it fair and keep it fun for everyone :) Back up your cheerleading with constructive criticism, and don't be afraid to cheer on strangers! (People like that. Really. They do.)

Back when I did the "Become an Agent" contest, I loved seeing the audience participate. It really was incredibly amazing and heart-warming. You don't even have to give a critique at all if you are an audience member. Go on Twitter under the hashtag #QueryKombat and cheer everyone on! But even if you don't want to comment or cheer, don't worry. The entries are still fantastic and it's really just fun to watch and see how the votes are playing out for your favorite entries :D

And if you are in the contest, GO AHEAD. Cry out over Twitter, Facebook, whatever, which entry you are! It'll be fun :D (And shoot me a Tweet over here.)

So head over to Michelle's blog and see the awesomeness that is occurring!


  1. I just skimmed through some of the entries before going back to do some commenting, and I have to hand it to you, they're all excellent. How you pared them down from 210 of them I have no idea, but kudos to you.

  2. Wow, this is really cool!! Good for you for hosting ;-) And yes, you must put Scotland on your places to visit in your lifetime. It's definitely an amazing and magical place!

  3. You're going to be busy by the look of things!

    Good luck everyone!