Monday, April 8, 2013

Too Much to Read & Internet Addiction (SAVE ME!!!)

WAY too much.

Like, a dozen books currently started, but waiting to be finished.

It's kind of crazy, actually. THERE ARE JUST SO MANY GOOD BOOKS OUT THERE! And too little time to read them all. Grrrr.

Since when have I had to plan time in order to read? I plan time in order to write, not read. Reading is not the job -- writing is. Reading is fun. But now it's become all 'scheduled' and stuff, not spontaneous and fun like it should be.

I only get like 10ish pages done a night before I get tired. That means less than a book a month. That SUCKS.

Granted,  I can be reading instead of wasting hours on the Internet and stuff, but wasting time on the Internet is the 'second step' in the long sequence to get me to actually write. I probably write like a half-an-hour in a row, and spend more than an hour before that 'warming up' by wasting time on the Internet.

So all that 'wasting' time... it's required. To get me to write.

Yea. I have no excuse.


Eternal shame.

Do you have a lot to read?

(I'm trying to think of more questions so I can waste more time on the Internet. Sigh. This is getting really bad.)

Oh, oh! What books are on YOUR to-be-read list?


  1. You're funny.
    And my iPad is overflowing with books I need to read.

  2. I go through phases... When I'm in "writer mode" I can't read---I have to stay in my world. But after I've finished a draft or revision, that's when I'll read. I'm funny about reading too, because there are books that only make me depressed because they're so good and I'll never be that good, or books that make me feel really good about my writing. It's an up and down thing!

    But I get what you're saying about "warming up." I totally get that. And it's okay---I'm the same way! We do what we have to to get the work done! :D

  3. The worst is when you have library books and now that due date is hanging over your head too. I've got three waiting.

  4. Crikey, it sounds like you're talking about me! Too little time, too many great books - and way too many distractions. Such is life in the naughties:)

  5. I count reading as part of the "job". When I was a drug rep, I had to read A LOT of medical papers to keep up to date on what was going on where my drugs were concerned. I consider reading novels the same thing, only a lot more enjoyable. :D

  6. *hiding behind the desk* I currently have 80+ books on the Kindle TBR. I'm reading four simultaneously.

  7. I just added Cinder to my TBR pile. And I've been trying to read I AM THE MESSENGER for a while now.

    For me, as soon as I sit down to write, I turn off my wi-fi. That way, it's a decision to turn it back on and get online - for research only. Otherwise, I, too, spend most of my writing time doing writerly things like reading blogs and tweets instead of actually writing.

    You can do it!

  8. The last book in Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse is coming out next month. After that, I'm waiting on Robert Rothfuss and the last book in his Kingkiller Chronicles.

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