Sunday, April 21, 2013

Meteor Shower Tonight! (April 21)

I know I'm posting at around 11.30 pm Central Time on a Sunday, BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT!

A meteor shower is peaking TONIGHT and will be best visible around 4-4.30 am tomorrow morning, before sunrise. The moon will take a good chunk out of the meteors (it is too bright right now) but if you live far from the city, you should get a good number of meteors!

It should be coming from the East.

I live near Chicago, so I hope I see some :(

If you get the chance, go look at nature's beauty!

Look at this website for more info.

Go go go! (And I hope it'll be a good spectacle.)

Oh, and Happy Earth Day, guys :) I still have a half an hour before 12 AM, but still :D Isn't this an amazing gift on Earth Day? It's like nature knows!

ETA: The Internet fooled me. This shower is not rare; it happens yearly. Sigh. Sorry guys. And it as faint when I went out so I probably fooled myself into seeing a few. Sigh. This sucks. But if you're away from the city, you'll have an awesome time!


  1. We are heading NW of town, where it is total much so we caught the light pollution of the aurora the other day. WOOHOO! Hopefully get a few good pics...

  2. Was that on my calendar?! I've been trying to catch one for years. T_T I might not have, though, because I work Monday mornings. I'll wait for the next one.