Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mini-Contest & Twitter Secrets

First of all, an update on the Query Kombat contest <-- click linky if you don't know what I'm talking about :D 

This Friday, we are going to post the agent list! We have an INCREDIBLE diversity of (as of now, ten!) agents ready to request during the last few rounds of Query Kombat -- I'm talking Adult, YA, MG, even NA agents. And, if all goes well with the numbers, we'll have separate brackets for the age-categories. So all the different categories will get recognition and a chance at requests.

There is SO much going on at Twitter under #QueryKombat. A bunch of information too, especially about a special contest going on this Friday in conjunction with our Agent Reveal.

We'll be giving out free spots into the contest for those that come up with the best nickname for the manuscript they enter into the contest. This contest is like March Madness, so you'll need a "team name". Get thinking! The mini-contest starts Friday.

Speaking of Twitter, let's talk about something I came across which was truly and amazingly wonderful. I'm talking about this (that's a link, so click it!).

It's like finding the 'advanced search' option on Google all over again.

You can search for exact phrases, search for Tweets sent TO a person, search for Tweets that have a certain phrase and were sent within, say, 15 miles of New York City, search for Tweets with only links in them, AND EVEN SEARCH FOR TWEETS WITH A "positive attitude". And more!



I mean, if you enter a smiley [ :) ] or a frowny [ :( ] in the search box in conjunction with a phrase, you'll get Tweets consisting that phrase that have a 'positive' or 'negative' attitude! I mean, how crazy is that? How do they even know if there is a positive or negative attitude? Technology, I'll tell ya!

I, for one, won't remember all of these awesome tips, and will probably be Googling for the link many times. I should bookmark it, but I'm too lazy to do so. Ugh. Fine. I'll do it. There. I did it. (I'm not joking.)

This is not an advertising thing. I don't work for Twitter. Hm. Does anyone? How can you 'work' for Twitter? Interesting.... That'd be a fun job. Probably not. Computers are not my thing. They frustrate me (but once I understand the coding/Excel formulas/gadgets, I love them!). I just thought this would be something you guys would like knowing.

So use this in Twitter from now on, guys! And make sure to find me on Twitter here and #QueryKombat as well :) I bet this searching information can be really useful. (And I also bet I'll rarely use it. Sigh.)

Did you know this about Twitter? Any other fun things you would like to share?


  1. I pretty much stick with tweetdeck. The last thing I need is to get hooked on another twitter gadget. :D

  2. WOW! Nice job getting agents lined up!!

  3. Looking forward to seeing your agent line up. Great job on putting this together!

  4. Thank you so much SC for all the hard work! This is gonna be fun. :) Getting the tape & gloves ready. Cue "Eye of the Tiger" (Rocky 3 or was that 4?). Anyhow, there's only one nickname for my ms. The Evil Little Manuscript. As for another name I can pick out for group? Again, I turn to the E.L.M. for a suggestion & she whispered into my ear "TaserTales". So yea, that's my group idea.


  5. That's cool! Sometimes I want to look at people's tweets from the beginning, and I never knew how!